what i see while the biggest competitors young adults confront today

 what i observe as the greatest challengers young adults face today Essay

The Biggest Challenges Youngsters Face Today

General purpose

The goal of the talk is to dissect the inherent problems facing the young adults in the contemporary society. These kinds of pose an important threat to the lives and wellbeing of the individuals, and they are therefore important to understand to boost personal and societal development.

Specific purpose

The specific purpose for the speech is usually to contribute to a general understanding of environmental surroundings that circumstances that have left the youngsters very vulnerable to these concerns and the measures that the numerous stakeholders can take to correct the problem that help the youngsters to realize all their true potential.

Central thought

In the modern-day society, the youth continue facing many problems that slows their self improvement and impact their lives significantly. These types of problems need attention from all worried stakeholders to redress and come up with sustainable solutions to help the young adults in their personal and professional advancement.

I. Intro

2. Body with the presentation

Young adults face the situation of increasing drug and alcohol abuse inside the society.

Joblessness is another difficulty facing the young adults specifically after the global economic downturn.

Every stakeholders need to take active functions in handling these challenges.

Main point # XXXXX Drug and Alcohol Maltreatment

1 . Due to demands and frustrations in the contemporary world, many youngsters find themselves involved in excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse. This has sacrificed their health insurance and contributed to progress other asocial behavior.

installment payments on your Easy availability of the drugs and useless legislation governing alcohol consumption made the medicines easily available to the consumers, which has aggravated the drug problem.

B. Primary point # XXXXX...


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