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 Vtb Financial institution Group Dissertation

VTB Bank (Russian: ОАО Банк ВТБ, past Vneshtorgbank) is one of the leading widespread banks of Russia. VTB Bank and its subsidiaries form a leading Russian financial group – VTB Group, giving a wide range of financial services and products in Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa, plus the U. T. The Group's largest subsidiaries in Russia are VTB24, Bank of Moscow, and TransCreditBank. Type| Public company

Traded as| MCX:  VTBR


Industry| Banking, Financial services

Founded| 1990

Headquarters| Federation Structure West, 12, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, Russia| Area served| Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa, U. S.

Important people| Andrey L. Kostin

(President and Chairman in the Management Board)Sergey K. Dubinin (Chairman with the Supervisory Council)

Products| Financial Services

Revenue| RUB 525. 1 billion (30 Sept 2012 IFRS Results)[1]| Net income| STROKE 60. a couple of billion (30 September 2012 IFRS Results)[1]| Total assets| RUB several 184. 7 billion (30 September 2012 IFRS Results)[1]| Total equity| RUB 672. 2 billion dollars (30 Sept 2012 IFRS Results)[1]| Owner(s)| The Russian Federation express (75. 5% shares)

Employees| 76 528 (30 September 2012 IFRS Results)[1]

Divisions| VTB Capital

Subsidiaries| Lender of Moscow

Chairman with the Management Plank

Valery Meters. Telegin (1990–1993)

Yuri Sixth is v. Poletayev (1993–1996)

Dmitry Sixth is v. Tulin (1996–1999)

Yuri Sixth is v. Ponomaryov (1999–2002)

Andrey T. Kostin (from 2002)


The main aktionar of VTB is the Russian Government, which usually owns seventy five. 5% from the lender through its Government agency for Point out Property Management. The remaining shares are split between slots of it is Global Depository Receipts and minority investors, both individuals and firms. In February 2011, the Government floated an additional 10% minus two shares of VTB Bank. The private investors, who paid out a total of 95. 7 billion roubles ($3. 1 billion) intended for the resources, included the investment funds Generali, TPG Capital, Cina Investment Corp, a sovereign wealth account responsible for handling China's forex reserves, and companies affiliated with businessman Suleiman Kerimov.

Some Financial Data

In 9 months 2012 VTB Group earned sixty. 2 billion dollars roubles. The bank's possessions totalled 7 184. several trillion roubles as of 31 September 2012, and its capital came to 672. 2 billion roubles. VTB Bank applied 76 528 people by 30 Sept 2012. Mergers and purchases

VTB Bank took over 12 banks within the decade between 2002 and February 2012, including several in Spain, three in Europe and five in the CIS: • Guta Lender (2004), afterwards renamed VTB24 [7][8]

• Armsberbank in Armenia (2004), afterwards renamed VTB Armenia [9] • Promstroybank (2005), has been renowned Bank VTB North-West and later reorganised while VTB's North-Western Regional Middle [10] • Eurobank in France (2005), later has been renowned VTB Italy [11] • Evrofinance Mosnarbank in Great Britain (2005), later has been renowned VTB European countries Plc, and after that VTB Capital Plc • Ost-West Handelsbank AG in Germany (2005), later renamed VTB Australia[12] • Usa Georgian Traditional bank (2005), after renamed VTB Georgia [13] • Mriya in Ukraine (2006), later on merged with VTB Ukraine [14] • Slavneftebank in Belarus (2007), later renamed VTB Wei?russland [15] • AF Lender in Azerbaijan from AF Holding International (2008), later VTB Azerbaijan [16] TransCreditBank

VTB purchased a 43. 18% stake in TransCreditBank (TCB) from RZD in January 2010.[17] In July–August 2011 VTB improved its risk in TCB to seventy four. 48% carrying out a second obtain, and to 77. 79% in February 2012.[18] VTB paid out 46 billion dollars roubles ($1. 5 billion) for the asset, which has a capital multiplier of 1. 64. In Sept 2012, VTB bought even more TCB share from RZD, boosting the interest in the lender to 99. 6%.[19] Bank of Moscow

In Feb . 2011, VTB Bank bought a 46. 48% stake in Bank of Moscow which was owned by Moscow authorities, as well as 25% plus one talk about of Capital Insurance Group, which owned 17. 32% of Financial institution of Moscow, for a...


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