ALL OF US HISTORY HONORS: Reconstruction Paperwork

 US HISTORY HONORS: Renovation Notes Dissertation

п»їWhat is it?

A chance to rebuild the country and reunite the north and the southern region after the city war South divided into five military zones

Going by union

Troops were sent to maintain order

The southern part of states fresh constitution

1 . Never be successful again

installment payments on your Slavery abolished

Never expanded voting rights to blacks

President Renovation

Lincoln's 10% plan

Also called Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction

a. 1 . Gov would excuse all confederates

( other than high position officials and criminals offender of criminal offenses against conflict prisoners) a. 2 . 10% of those in 1860 voting lists took oaths of allegiance, a confed state could form new gov, and gain representation in congress a. 3. some states (AK, LS, TN, VA) traveled to union

Wade- Davis Bill

Foncier response to 10% plan

1 . Congress produce reconstruction

installment payments on your State gov should be formed by the greater part vote

3. Those who the very best in 1860 would give your word themselves to the constitution Lincoln subsequently " pocketed” veto the bill

Ignores that until treatment is over

Johnson's plan

Manley background

Democrat from TN

Doesn't rely on equality of races

Offered himself to pardon persons

Each staying confed point out (Fl, GA, AL, NC, MS, SC, TX)

1 . Each point out withdrew it succession

2 . Claim allegiance to union

3. Annul confed war bills

4. Validate 15th admendment

Congressional Renovation

Freedmen's Bureau

Established by congress in the last month of war

Vetoed by simply Johnson, nevertheless congress above rules

Aided former slaves and poor whites in south

Gave food and clothes

Pleasure was in the way of the poor whites

40 private hospitals, 4, 1000 schools, sixty one industrial acadamies, 74 instructor training center 13th Change

abolished slavery

14th modification

Residents protected underneath law

15th Amendment

Suffrage to men

Economic/ Social Renovation

40 acres & a mule

January 1865 – General Sherman promised freed slaves who followed him 400 miles per as well as an army babouche 40, 500 freed males settled on 400, 000 acres of forgotten or given up land in GA & SC Farmed there until 1865

Director Johnson provided people all their land back

African Americans started universities, churches, and families

Break up of property пѓ Repartition of land

Congress passed 14th and 15th admen

Successes of Renovation

1 . General male suffrage пѓ 15th admen

2 . Property legal rights for women

three or more. Debt relief

5. Internal improvements пѓ streets, bridges, and railroads

Failures of Renovation

1 . Wasteful spending

2 . Politicians had taken kickbacks and bribes from shady business men 3. Standard decline in ethics in post warfare era


First wave пѓ anti-reconstruction second wave пѓ anti-immigration Kyklos пѓ (greek word) group of friends + the term Clan sama dengan kkk

Were only available in December of 1865 in Pulaski, TN by 6 confed battle vets Purpose

End renovation

Meeting in Nashville, TN

Summer 1868

All 11 former confed states mail reps


Grand Wizard (National Leader) пѓ Nathan Beford Forrest

Realms (states) пѓ Grand Dragon

Zone (counties) пѓ Grand Titans

Units (Dens) пѓ Grand Cyclops

The End

The Enforcement Acts of 1870 & 1871

Gives power to send fed soldiers into to the south

Over a few, 000 KKK members caught

1, two hundred fifty convictions

In 1872


Black solider

Content civil battle

Worked in west

9th & 10th Calvary and 24th & 25th Infantry

Tenacious пѓ determined, stubborn, persistant

Got name from Indians

1 . Tenacious like buffalos

2 . Frizzy hair like zoysia grass


Battle Indians

Patrol border

Protect stage sofas

Arrest cows wrestlers


Provided careers and esteem for dark men post civil conflict

Share Popping

Continual cycle of poverty

Landowners divided their land & offered each staff member (freed slave or poor white) a few acres, with seeds and tools By harvest period half the crop traveled to the landowner

Tenant Farming

" croppers” who kept a little & bought their own tools & got a better bargin with land owners rented land for funds

keep their particular harvest

sooner or later moved up economic step ladder to plantation owners



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