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Identification of Not known Report


The purpose of this lab was to determine the identity of an not known bacteria slant culture. The unknown was identified using differential checks to determine the metabolic and morphology features. Results from the differential tests indicated that unknown tradition 5 is Staphylococcus aureus.


The purpose of this lab was going to determine the identity associated with an unknown bacteria slant lifestyle using a series of differential checks. The tests used to identify the unfamiliar bacterial traditions included: Gram stain, mannitol salt agar, coagulase pipe test, and an antimicrobial susceptibility test out. The checks selected were based on the outcomes of a gram stain.

Gram staining, the most commonly used gear stain, permits the quick and simple detection among gram unfavorable and gram positive organisms based on the presence or perhaps absence of peptidoglycan. A gram positive affected person resists the decolorization method due to a great deal of peptidoglycan and appears a purple color. A gram negative affected person is effectively destained, counterstained with safranin and appears reddish-pink.

Mannitol salt agar is used to detect a great organism's capability to ferment mannitol, which reduces the pH of the phenol red that contains medium. Phenol red is usually yellow below pH 6. 8, crimson at several. 4-8. 5, and green at pH 8. four and previously mentioned.

The coagulase test uses rabbit plasma to determine if the organism creates the coagulase enzyme in either the free or bound coagulase forms. Staphylococcus aureus creates a positive evaluation for the coagulase chemical while other Staphylococcus microorganisms do not.

The last test performed was the evaluation for the resistance to particular antibiotics. The results from the antimicrobial susceptibility test produced different sized zones of inhibition. The size of the area of inhibited, or lack thereof, to a certain antibiotic determines is actually susceptibility to this antibiotic.

Materials and Methods:

Inoculating loopMannitol salt agar plate Several antimicrobial infused discs Bunsen burnerCoagulase pipe test

BHI agar traditions plate2 Nutrient agar discs

Gram stain test kitForceps

1 . First step was to inoculate the BHI plate from the slant tradition and build a streak plate as referred to in Test 2, treatment part M, page 7 of my personal lab notebook computer. Incubated by 37°C all day and night. 2 . Applying sterile inoculation methods, an example of the unidentified organism was taken from the slant lifestyle and used to create a gram stained go as referred to in Test 5, web pages 33-35. a few. After the streak plate was incubated every day and night at 37°C, it was accustomed to perform this tests (procedure for each evaluation located in lab notebook about pages indicated): a. Mannitol salt agar fermentation – Experiment six, page 43 b. Coagulase test – Experiment 15, part 2, page sixty two

c. Antimicrobial susceptibility test – Research 10, portion 3, site 63


Gram Stain: The gram spot was able to present that the unfamiliar organism was gram great and a Staphylococcus, or perhaps round groupings of skin cells. Below is actually a picture of what the affected person looked like under a light microscope at a magnification of 1000X.

Streak Menu: The ability of the unfamiliar was useful in identifying the colony morphology of the affected person. Below you can see the margin of the remote unknown groupe is undulated, the size was moderate, and growth was white and opaque.

Mannitol Salt Agar Test: Many Staphylococci can easily grow within this salty moderate nut tend not to ferment mannitol so the red colorization of the moderate remains the same. Only a choose few Staphylococci are able to ferment mannitol which will effectively improvements the pH level of the phenol reddish to a pH below 6. 8 which will changes the medium into a yellow color. The MSA test mentioned (pictured below), through development and a color alter from red to yellow, the fact that unknown affected person was a Staphylococcus (growth), and perhaps a Staphylococcus aureus (pH/color change)....


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