TO LOVE AGAIN Dissertation


Radio's fine

It helps me personally forget intended for awhile

I actually look as well as recall

Those days I had along

Sometimes I want a friend

In order to make that through

A later date without you

You offered me all the good live

Then you certainly had to go

And I just got to let you know

Its hard to like again

Only to make this through

A later date spent with no you


And I may want to go on pretending

That its gonna be a happy ending

If I should appreciate again

Once I've learned to like again

And, no, it can never become the same

Devoid of you baby

This soreness inside myself is driving me crazy

‘Cause, it is hard to love once again

Friends are great

They perk me up for sometime

If the day is carried out

My mind has returned again with you

Oh Our god, I need an associate

Just to generate it through

Another day spent without you

[repeat chorus 'til fade]


You're inside my arms

And everything the world can be calm

The background music playing in for simply two

And so close together

And when I'm along

So close to feeling in

A life goes by

Romantic dreams will stop

Thus i bid my very own goodbye and never knew

Therefore close was waiting, waiting around here with you

And now forever I know

Everything that I wanted to keep you

Thus close

Thus close to reaching that popular happy end

Almost assuming this was not make-believe

And now you're beside me and look what lengths we've come

So far we are so close

How do I deal with the unknown days

If I should shed you right now?

We're and so close

To reaching that famous content end

Many believing this was not pretend

Let's go on dreaming for we understand we are

Thus close

So close

And still up to now



I had formed a feeling that you have been holding my own heart

And i also know that it really is true

You wouldn't allow it to be busted apart

'Cause it's very dear for you

Forever we will be jointly

No one can break us apart

For each of our love will truly end up being

A wonderful laugh in your cardiovascular

VERSE a couple of:

When the night comes and I'm profound in your biceps and triceps

How I experience so much more safeguarded

You more than likely let me close my eyes

So I can see you through and through

If you're a sweet tender enthusiast

We are a whole lot in like

I'm not really afraid when you are far away

Just give me a laugh in your cardiovascular system


You brighten my personal day

You aren't showing myself my way

You're visiting me

And giving me personally inspiration

How can I request more

From you my special

Maybe just a smile inside your heart


I'm always dreamin' of being in love'

Great I know that is true

Since you came into my life

Its true love that I acquired found

My spouse and i pray that you wouldn't leave me

Whatsoever may come along

But if you are doing I won't experience so bad

Just give me a smile in your heart

Replicate refrain apart from last series

Maybe simply a smile within your

Maybe simply a smile within your heart

Repeat refrain

Maybe just a smile in your heart

Got To Show you

I'm depending on,

If you move I would end up being blue,

You needed take away the sunshine.

So I beg of you

Try to appreciate,

There's no room for terms unsaid

Or perhaps feelings left to possibility.


I acquired to let you be aware that I love you,

I got to let you know that We care;

I managed to get to let you know that for you

I will always be there.

Close friends say I am just a mislead

Not to play that cool,

Although I no longer mind bein' the only

Exemption to the secret.

Got a burnin' take pleasure in

I'm usually dreaming of;

When you smile it can all advantageous

That intended for me's enough.


I got to let you realize that I love you,

I got to let you know that I actually care;

I acquired to let you know that for you

I will always be there.

Please don't be shocked

I'm not only one to conceal;

What I feel I know applies

You've got to understand.

Love is a lot like a bell

There's just one way to tell,

If it's real it's going to diamond ring

That is why I actually sing.


I got to help you to know that I love you,

I acquired to let you know that I attention;

I got to let you know that for you

I'll always be there. (oh, yeah)

I got to let you know that I love you,

I obtained to let you be aware that I care;

I got to let you know that for you



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