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Eco Leather-based production in Apex Group Ltd.

A up to date business case

Student Name

Md. Mostain Belal



Topic Place

Environmental Issue

Project Subject

Production of Eco Leather by using the most advanced technology in Pinnacle Tannery Limited.


History to the Task

Leather is made by tanning hides and skins of animals; mostly cattle cover. Generally suntanning (series of chemical operation) of natural leather involves employing heavy precious metals like chrome which is down the line discharged in the rivers near the tanneries polluting the water and soil triggering hazardous ennui to the humans, and environment around. Environmental leather is among the most advanced according to environmental protection. It can be chrome free leather bronzed using only organic and natural compounds.

Height Tannery Limited has been setting industry criteria in Bangladesh leather foreign trade industry seeing that 1976, furnished with the state of the art Italian language modern equipment and retaining high quality tightness. Through the years, its production have been progressively entailing a constant growth of building and machinery. Gross annual production exceeds 23 mil square meters and firm sales turnover amounts to US$30 million, thus creating an exemplary model to get corporate creation in the tannery sector. They've been producing a product selection for example , cow full chrome, cow partial chrome, cow vegetable, goat full chromium, goat semi chrome and in addition various types of finished leathers for shoes or boots and leather-based goods. Most of these products are being created by using the conventional Chrome Suntanning Method which can be solely the indication of environmental problems as well as the last product.

The today's universe has become more concerned about a global Warming and therefore the Governments and other environmental organisations particularly in the developed countries are focusing to use the Eco friendly products. For example , to assist customers go green on a budget PETROL STATION (retail organization in UK) offers innovative £12 ‘E-leather' women's shoes or boots. Some recent research and articles demonstrate that the usage of environmentally friendly materials and fair-trade and honest production specifications is likely to become mainstream within the next decade inside the Global apparel sector since the industry experts predict. The C& EN cover account has recently released that this 12 months suppliers seek to give even more environmentally not cancerous products and techniques to leather-based industry. Mister. Celet, Standard Manager of the Turkey structured DESA, observes the current developments in household leather. He declares that eco-leather would make a great entry into the market within a big approach. He comments, " The existing fashion trend in leather attire industry is towards more natural and casual appears. Another approaching trend is definitely the ecological leather, which has a probability of become a main opportunity for many tanneries, if the industry manages to set intercontinental criteria determining this product range".

Thinking about the recent trend, environmental effects and with regard to E-leather in the Global Leather-based Market, Pinnacle Tannery Limited has introduced a new project (Six months duration) for releasing a new merchandise " E-Leather” by using its internal tactical tools SWOT, PESTLE and Cost Profit Analysis.

(Eco Production

Damp blue removed by tanneries is floor to produce leather fibre in that case combined with powerful core using the power of drinking water. Pigmentation and coating will be added to develop composition leather. Stringent tests and performance control throughout the eco friendly manufacturing process which uses recycled water, thermally oxidized gases and low energy plant. )

Aim of the Project

To introduce the latest technology in E- Leather-based Manufacturing Producing the experienced Leather Technologist.

To increase the Product range

Get together the demand to get fashion focused people

To minimize the...


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