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1) Introduction

Narayanhiti Durbar is originally Narayanhiti Royal Building which utilized to be the primary residence of the royal group of Nepal through the monarchical system. On 06 1, 2001, the noble family bataille took place where King Birendra and Full Aishwarya were allegedly taken to fatality by Top Prince Dipendra. Other half a dozen family members were shot also. In the end, the prince shot himself also. Gyanendra, the ex-king wonderful wife left the Narayanhiti Palace on June 10, 2008. On May 28, 2008, the Constituent Assembly appointment was held for the first time which resulted in the decision of converting the palace to a museum. An official declaration was performed to result during an official ceremony kept at Narayanhiti in the presence of the in that case interim Primary Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. The day of the opening of the museum has not been reported yet nevertheless according to press information, it is considered to be during the September of 2008. The museum covers a lot more than 4 mil square feet region preserving the historically important matters inside it. It has various artefacts, sculptures, and wildlife trophies stored inside it. It doesn't just preserve these people, but also promotes countrywide as well as worldwide. Besides Nepal, there are many countries in the world which have converted all their royal castles into museums.

The Narayanhiti Durbar Museum is a perfect location to learn the good Shah dynasty of Nepal including the exciting yet mysterious royal bataille event. All of the visitors and the tourists have to pay a certain amount because entrance payment to enter the museum. Narayanhity Royal Palace or Narayanhity Durbar is also the home of the nobles of Nepal. Some regions of this building are more than 200 years of age. It is the Hoheitsvoll Palace in the Nepali Ruler. The Shah kings relocated to this palace from their outdated palace back in the 18th hundred years. This was 10 years after they arrived victorious while using gruesome battles with the Ranas. The old building that nonetheless stands near the famous Durbar Square was abandoned as well as the new one was constructed to remember that win. There were different additions in the course of time. The modern edifice was inaugurated in 1970 on the occasion of the wedding ceremony of His Majesty king Birendra Bir Bikram Shahdev. �

The palace seen a weakling massacre in the year 2000. Full Birendra Bir Bikram Shah was assassinated along with 7 members of his family including Queen Aishwarya and Crown Princesses. It was alleged that Crown Royal prince Dipendra, who had been upset along with his immediate family because they unapproved the woman of his choice, performed this massacre. He himself died after few days as a result of wounds suffered during claimed " exchange of fire". Various conspiracy theories had been spun later on and there is zero clear picture of what happen in the evening. The structure takes its be derived from the Narayanhiti, a popular historic waterspout situated on the southern nook of the Building. The Palace compound is definitely immense, surrounded by high surfaces and guarded by troops. Visitors can look at the outside of the building from a safe distance. Importance

The Kaski Corridor of the Narayanhiti Palace is not a doubt remarkable in terms of size, scale and decoration. Nevertheless , this reception hall even now falls less than the grandeur as compared to regarding the Rana palaces integrated that era. When Bir Shamsher constructed the Cerco Durbar in 1885 AD, visitors had been awed by the grand design of the building; especially the primary grand reception hall wherever foreign delegates were received and entertained. The entire ground was required for Italian marble, the roof had floral patterns in gold, plus the walls were covered with life-size artwork of the maharajas' descendents. Most extravagant had been the eight crystal columns, towering twenty two feet at the top of either aspect of the corridor. These...


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