My Narrative Statement

 My Story Report Research Paper

On-The –Job Teaching Narrative Report

Submitted to the Faculty

Cavite State University-Carmona Campus

Carmona, Cavite

In partial fulfillment

Of the requirements for the degree of

Certificate in Computer Tech

Ericka M. Sta. Choix

March 2013


The On-the-Job Teaching Narrative Survey hereto fastened, prepared and submitted by simply ERICKA STA. ANA, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Certificate in Computer Specialist is hereby accepted.

REGENE G. HERNANDEZ __________________ Dept. Head, CS and IT Date

LEA MARISSA T. DOMINGO __________________ Research, Expansion, and Extendable Coordinator Day

CRISTINA Farreneheit. OLO, Ph level. D. __________________ Campus Dean Date


OJT Manager



Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Qualification in Computer system Technician.

I actually. Introduction

The completion of our internship would not had been possible if this were not for anyone people who helped us in each day of our stay in Manila. They are the kinds who guidebook us specifically since we are in a brand-new environment. We were not utilization in having an urban existence. We recognize their support and input. First and above all, we would like to appreciate God, our father, intended for guiding and providing all of us strength and compassion in the tasks that we are supposed to complete.

His given expertise helped us consummate every deed that was designate. He held us secure all during our remain in the city. Each of our respect and gratitude visits our parents, who not merely provided for our shelter and allowance but in addition for their trust and support. They are the inspirations in everything that we all did. They never failed to show their love and care even if we are besides them. Terms can never be adequate to thank you for the things you have done for all of us.

We would also like to thank each of our OJT coordinator, Mr. JHOVEN E. MENIL for her support and aide even as soon as we took each of our internship. The lady always believed in everything that our company is capable of doing. Her confidence gave all of us confidence to perform things that at first looked impossible for all of us to accomplish.

Lastly, you want to say thanks to our co-interns for their attention and assistance. They helped us the moment things weren't clear for people to understand. The full internship will not have been this kind of memorable one if it weren't for the co-interns. All of us developed friendship, which I think is one of the ideal things in having the internship.


5. To pursue venerable job in a professional organization allow achieving business objectives of development, customer pleasure and service. * To encourage young persons to adopt specific strategies and positive job attitudes in order to enhance their probability of successfully keeping employment and self-employment options.

Time and Place of the OJT



2nd Flooring, Central Nearby mall

Biñan Metropolis, Laguna

II. The Linkage Institution/Enterprise

Backdrop (History)

J9Ntel Computer Advertising

Because it was established in 2001, J9NTel Computer Promoting has become one of many strongest and rapidly-growing laptop sales and service market. Largely through positive word-of-mouth, J9NTel Laptop Marketing has exploded from a single simple store operation to five branches with numbers of clientele with giant Shopping center across Cavite.

J9NTel Laptop Marketing helps clients repair, maintain and upgrade pc...

Cited: * Consider invert indention; author/s, year, name, publisher, place of publication, pages

The Training Experience

Task performed




Observations and insights

2. I notice is that when i am becoming trained pretty hard because you needed to learn how to speak with customers product sales.

* The issues I encountered are those I discuss too wise to sales to customers.


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