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Math Anxiety -- Literature Assessment


This paper is targeted on the adult who is experiencing math stress, with irregular references regarding math stress throughout the lifespan. It will cover definitions and characterizations of math anxiety, its frequency, proposed causes, treatment (both self-help and instructional), results and guidelines for further exploration.

Definitions of Math Anxiety

There are many definitions of mathematics anxiety. In accordance to Fiore (1999), Tobias and Weissbrod (1980) define math stress as " the stress, helplessness, paralysis, and mental disorganization that arises amongst some people if they are required to resolve a numerical problem”, web page 403. It really is both a great emotional and cognitive hate of mathematics. While some anxiousness can be encouraging or even interesting, too much anxiety can cause " downshifting” in which " the brain's usual processing mechanisms begin to transform by narrowing perceptions, inhibiting temporary memory and behaving much more primal reactions” (McKee 2002, page 2). Pries & Biggs (2001) describe a cycle of math prevention: In phase one, the individual experiences unfavorable reactions to math scenarios. These may result from previous negative experience with mathematics, and result in a second stage in which a person avoids math situations. This kind of avoidance contributes to phase three, poor math preparation, which will brings those to phase four, poor mathematics performance. This kind of generates even more negative activities with mathematics and brings us back to period one. This cycle can repeat so frequently that the math anxious person becomes certain they cannot do math and the cycle is definitely rarely broken. Arem (2003) equates a whole lot of mathematics anxiety with math test anxiety, which will she says is three-fold: Poor test preparing, poor test-taking strategies and psychological stresses. She says is actually exacerbated by simply poor health patterns, especially diet and rest.

There are some even more biological research done upon math anxiousness. In a research by Hopko et 's (1999) it had been found that " math-anxious individuals possess a deficient inhibition system whereby doing work memory assets are used by task-irrelevant distracters. A result of this insufficiency was that precise memory functionality was poorer for high-anxious individuals”. In addition they found simply no relationship among competence and math stress. In a identical study, Ashcraft and Kirk (2001) it absolutely was found that it isn't essential to use regular arithmetic and math problems to bring about the math-anxiety reaction, that only needs to be a counting-like process (like counting through letters inside the alphabet). Their very own explanation of math stress is " an on-line reduction in the available working-memory capacity of high-math-anxiety individuals when their anxiety is definitely aroused. ” The anxiousness reaction consists of attention to or preoccupation with intrusive thoughts or get worried. According to the research workers, " learners who carry out poorly on an exam declare that they become confused, are unable to concentrate on the task at hand, or maintain thinking about how poor they may be at math. ” This is consistent with their main result, " Mathematics anxiety interferes with the on-going, task-relevant actions of doing work memory, reducing performance and degrading it is accuracy” page 236.

Prevalence of Math Anxiety

In 1992, analysts at the University or college of California circulated a questionnaire to 9, 093 students and found that twenty-five. 9% a new moderate to high require of help with math stress (Jones 2001). According to Burns (1998) 2/3 of Americans fear and loathe mathematics (see Furner page 68). According to Zaslavsky (1994), people of all events and monetary backgrounds dread math, yet women and minorities are the majority of hindered by it. She reported research which will points out that around the seventh grade young ladies begin to hesitation their ability to do mathematics. Since self assurance and mathematics performance are extremely closely related, it performs a major function in girls' choices to carry on math in high school.

Preis & Biggs (2001) cite exploration that locates that women, specifically...

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