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 Media Activism Service Learning Essay



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Cultivating the media activist:

How crucial media literacy and

essential service learning can

change journalism education


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Lynn Schofield Clark

College or university of Colorado, USA


The task of journalism education has been identified in relation to both the professional demands of the journalism industry as well as the need to teach well-informed individuals. A key component to journalism education involves launching students to what Deuze (2005) terms the professional ideology of writing, which includes responsibilities to open public service, obligations to impartiality or objectivity, and a belief in the ideal of journalistic autonomy. Deuze offers argued that professional ideology has moved in response to multiculturalism and new multimedia. This article for that reason sets out to check out the implications of these changes for writing education as well as for the formation in the worldview of student press. The article looks at a case study of a task involving critical service learning in an introductory class intended for journalism students. The article suggests that media activism, community journalism, and critical services learning might be drawn after in writing education since resources in the formation associated with an emergent journalistic worldview. Exploring student reactions to this job through a construction of Children Participatory Actions Research, the content argues that such attempts can help writing educators to realise the pedagogical goal of allowing students to critique existing arrangements of power and develop a worldwide sensitive perspective while creating news reports across mass media platforms that reflect a deep admiration for learning about and understanding the diverse residential areas they serve. Keywords

Community-engaged partnerships, essential media literacy, critical services learning, global news audience, journalism education, media movements, public writing, youth participatory action study

Corresponding writer:

Lynn Clark, Estlow Intercontinental Center for Journalism and New Media, University of Denver, 2490 S. Gaylord St, Hawaii, CO 80208, USA.

Email: [email protected] edu


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What do writing students need to know? This problem has frequently resulted in heated up exchanges relating to theory versus practice, or industry compared to academy (Glasser, 2006; Nolan, 2008; Reese, 1999). Nearing this issue from the perspective of the journalism industry, a lot of have recommended the development of entrepreneurial skills as well as the development of specific expertise (Baines and Kennedy, 2010; California king, 2010; McKinsey, 2005). From the liberal artistry view, writing education is usually understood in relation to the formation of what Deuze (2006) conditions ‘super-citizens', or perhaps those individuals that can approach existing media sectors with both a vital eye and a historic sensibility. This latter procedure widens the long-standing specialist orientation of journalism education to propose that civic know-how and social participation happen to be part of the prospective journalist's skill set (Banaji and Buckingham, 3 years ago; Clark and Monserrate, 2011).

Deuze offers that one approach to move the discussion beyond the industry/university atascamiento is to consider what unites writing and writing education. He looks to what he terms the specialist ideology of journalists, which he describes as the ‘collection of values, approaches, and specialist codes characterizing professional writing and distributed by almost all of its members' (2005: 445). Deuze suggests that there are five qualities to the professional ideology, which include obligations to: (1) providing a public service; (2) being unbiased, neutral, reasonable, and reliable; (3) journalistic autonomy; (4) immediacy; and (5) integrity. By focusing...

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