M. a English Literary works

 M. a English Literature Essay

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MASTER'S LEVEL PROGRAMME IN ENGLISH Term-End Examination June, 2012 MEG-2: BRITISH THEATRE Time: a few hours Notice: Maximum Signifies: 100


Answer Question no . you, which is required and any kind of four through the remaining queries. All questions hold equal marks.

1 .

Annotate any four of the next passages with regards to the framework in only 150 phrases each: 4x5=20 (a) Let Faustus reside in hell a thousand years, Hundreds of thousand and at last always be saved! zero, no end is limited to darned souls! How come wert thou not a creature wanting heart and soul? Or why is this immortal that thou hast?




P. To. O.


To be, or not to always be, that is the question Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to undergo The Slings and arrows of unreasonable fortune, As well as to take up arms against a sea of troubles, Through opposing, end them. To die, to rest No more. Exactly what a miracle the girl with? Set all the eyes Of court a - flames, like a using glass, And work 'em into cinders; when the gems Of twenty states embellish thee, as well as the light Hit out the stars; and that, once thy brand is stated, Queens may well look paler: From this out I'll do not want of company when ever all sorts can be bringing me personally their foodstuff and clothing ( this individual swaggers two




towards the door, tightening up his belt ), the way they'd arranged their eye upon a gallant orphan cleft his father with one hit to the breeches belt.

(e) There's scarcely a moment the moment I'm not really - viewing and wanting you. I have got to hit out somehow. Nearly several years of becoming in the same room along, night and day, and i also still cannot stop my own sweat break ing away when I help you doing -- something as ordinary since leaning above an ironing board. 2 . Discuss seriously the modernity of Elizabethan tragedy. (400 words) OR How performed Shakespeare get a new Romantic Funny formula within a Midsummer Evening of Dream? (400 words) 20


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