Kirkpatrick Model of Training

 Kirkpatrick Type of Training Composition

Donald Kirkpatrick's 1975 book Evaluating Training Courses defined his originally published ideas of 1959, therefore further increasing awareness of them, so that his theory has become perhaps the most widely used and well-known model to get the evaluation of training and learning. Kirkpatrick's four-level model is now deemed an industry standard across the HOURS and schooling communities. The four degrees of training analysis model was later expanded and up to date in Kirkpatrick's 1998 book, called 'Evaluating Training Courses: The 4 Levels'.

LevelEvaluation Type

(what is definitely measured)Evaluation Description & Characteristics

1 Reaction-reaction evaluation is definitely how the trainees felt regarding the training or perhaps learning experience 2 Learning-learning evaluation is a measurement with the increase in knowledge - after and before 3 Behavior-behavior evaluation is the extent of applied learning back on the job - implementation 4 Outcomes -results analysis is the impact on the business or perhaps environment by the trainee

levelevaluation type (what is measured)evaluation explanation and characteristicsexamples of analysis tools and methodsrelevance and practicability you reaction-reaction evaluation is the way the delegates felt, and their personal reactions towards the training or learning knowledge, for example: -did the trainees like and enjoy the training?

-did they consider the training relevant?

-was it a good usage of their time?

-did they such as the venue, the style, timing, domestics, etc? -level of involvement

-ease and convenience of experience

-level of work required to take advantage of the learning

-perceived practicability and prospect of applying the learning •typically 'happy sheets' •feedback forms based on subjective personal reaction to the education experience •verbal reaction which can be noted and analysed

•post-training online surveys or forms

•online evaluation or grading by delegates

•subsequent mental or...


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