Islamic Paperwork of Level 9

 Islamic Records of Class 9 Article



1 . Zakat – Zakah literally means purity and progress.

2 . Zakat-ul-Mal – the 2. 5% of the money that is certainly paid.

three or more. Zakat-ul-Fitr – the zakah or cleansing dues paid out after Ramadan. 4. Nisaab – the minimum extra wealth a person ought to save over the year in order to pay Zakah.

5. Al Fuqaraa' – the clingy people who have faced recent challenges and may receive zakah.

6th. Al Masakeen – the indegent people who will get Zakah. 7. Al Aamiloon Alayha – the Zakah officials

8. Ar Riqaab – slaves and captives

on the lookout for. Al Ghaarimoon – Zakah given to visitors to help them pay up large financial obligations they are struggling to normally pay back.

10. Ibn-us-Sabeel – shattered and trapped travelers.

10. Al Jihadu fee

Sabeelillah – struggle intended for the cause of Jahve

12. Approach Muallafatu Quboobuhum – friendly non-Muslims who may get Zakah.


* Zakah is the filter of our prosperity.

2. It is one of many five pillars of Islam and therefore must be observed. 5. The concept helps it be clear that all wealth is owned by Allah and that it must be dealt with responsibly. 2. A part of accountable management of wealth is definitely paying Zakah. * We are not doing Allah a favour although we are performing ourselves a favour to purify the wealth. 5. Zakah can be paid yearly at any time in the year.

* It is paid yearly at a set set for a fixed percentage or amount of each individual's wealth which is usually installment payments on your 5%. 2. Zakah is usually paid after the basic demands have been taken care of. * Plea is a physical and spiritual form of praise and zakah is the material form of praise. * Zakah helps to keep a proper society.

2. Zakah offers specific rules so the givers to not need to be confused. * There are 8 categories of individuals that should receive zakah.



1a) Zakatul-Mal- the 2. 5% of the extra wealth paid by a wealthy Muslim when every year.

1b)Zakat-ul-Fitr – the purifying fees paid by the end of Ramadan. The minimum amount is definitely one saa' (2176 gms) of meals, grains or d 1c)Nisaab – the minimum extra wealth a person should certainly save on the year to be able to pay zakah.

1d)Al Masakeen – [the poor] These folks have some income that is not enough for them. They may be still not of very good and think

embarrassed to get help from others.

1e)Al Amiloon Alayha – [the Zakah officials].

A Muslim point out, collectors who have responsibility is to collect and distributes zakah.

Q2. Precisely what is the meaning of zakah in Arabic?

A2. Zakah virtually means purity and growth. This means that noticing Zakah will certainly purify and bless the wealth as well as the zakah giver.

Q3. Explain the concept of prosperity in Islam.

A3. An important principle of Islam is that everything is owned by Allah including all our cash and riches. Allah gives us cash and wealth as a trust to test all of us on how all of us will use this. Allah desires us to use the riches wisely, avoid wasting this and to reveal it with others.

Q4. When was Zakah recommended to Muslims?

A4. Zakah was made a required praise during the second year of Al Hijrah.

Q5. Who also must pay zakah?

A5. Zakah should be paid by:

a) A grownup sane Muslim

b) Individual who has the Nisab (a collection amount of extra money more than what she or he needs) c) And will keep it no less than a houl or a yr.

Q6. Whom should receive Zakah?

A6. According to the verse in the Quran, 8-10 categories of persons should receive the zakah.

a) Al Fuqaraa (The Clingy people)

b) Al Masakeen (The poor)

c) Ing Aamiloon Alayha (The zakah officials)

d) Al Mu'allafatu Quloobuhum (Friendly non-Muslims) or perhaps new Muslims. e) Areal Riqaab (slaves and captives)

f) Ing Ghaarimoon (Debtors)

g) Cost Sabeelillah (Jihad, struggle pertaining to the cause of Allah) h) Ibn-us-Sabeel (Broke and stranded travellers).

Q7. Precisely what is the difference between Faqeer and Miskeen.

Faqeer: A person is regarded ‘faqeer' if she or he...


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