Interest Rates and Other Important Determinants of Investment Spending in Bangladesh

 Interest Rates and also other Critical Determinants of Investment Spending in Bangladesh Composition

Interest Rates and also other Critical Determinants of Expenditure Spending in Bangladesh


Investment, a spending devoted to enhancing or perhaps maintaining the current stock of capital throughout the economy provides services and goods necessary for better standard of living. Additionally, it has better importance as being a policy device. Policymakers typically try to obtain target progress in GDP by influencing the level of investment. They do and so by executing policies that influence the pace of passions. The root assumption is the fact investment can be negatively related to the rate of investment.

Historically, economical theories have suggested unfavorable relationship between investment and interest rates. Within either nominal or genuine interest rates translate into a direct impact on investment spending leading to wanted movements in the real overall economy. Specifically, the Keynesian construction suggests that a decrease in financing rate minimizes the cost of expenditure resulting in bigger profit perimeter for the investors. On the other hand, Mckinnon and Shaw (1973) established that increase in first deposit rates encourages depositors to amass enough cost savings for funding investment spending in an economic climate and the other way round.

The difference between lending and pay in rates, called the distributed is a primitive measure of the price tag on efficient resource intermediation method in the economy. LDCs with economical market imperfections are seen as higher distributes due to factor such as not enough competition, non-performing loans, high administrative costs etc . To reduce the economical intermediation cost and achieve higher economical growth developing countries of Latin America and Asia started putting into action various Economic Sector Reform Programs (FSRPs) during the core 1970s. Bangladesh initiated the FSRP at the beginning of the nineties.

Efficient share of credit rating in the economic market was one of the essential objectives of FSRP in Bangladesh. That attempted to produce a well performing financial system by simply moving to a market based interest rate program from an administered interest regime thus promoting economic growth. Through this backdrop, it is legitimate to look at role interesting rates upon investment spending in Bangladesh.


Even though interest rate is usually believed to be the main element determinant from the level and direction of investment spending, non-economic elements have undermined investment potential of Bangladesh by a great extent. In fact , the available materials shows small evidence of valid and significant relationship among interest rate and investment spending in Bangladesh. Our examine will attempt to conduct an extensive analysis to get the relationship between interest rate and investment. Besides, we will examine the relationships amongst other factors such as the price for deposit, degree of savings, cash flow etc . which might be influential for the determination of the level and direction of investment spending. Finally, this kind of paper will attempt to find if you have one or more key factors which may be addressed to influence the degree of investment effectively.

Scope of the Paper

Within the scope of literature, it becomes very much undermined that a examine in the expense determinant in Bangladesh can be relatively useful for the reason of the policy planning and approach. Henceforth we are able to conduct a great in-depth exploration in this area of largely desired issue of developing overall economy. We can evaluate the role of interest charge in deciding the level of expense spending to justify it is ability to boost economic progress. Taking into account of numerous determinants of investment spending, the best suited determinant could be explored and recommendation could possibly be consequential with an analysis by statistical point of view. Analysis of simple correlation between diverse sets of variables, and a regression function of varied influencing parameters can be done to assess the most impacting on factors.


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