Informative Presentation Outline Model THE MAGIC OF WATER

 Informative Presentation Outline Example THE WONDERS OF WATER Essay



Attention-Getting Opener: W. They would. Auden, a language poet once said " Thousands include lived with out love, not one without normal water. How most of us gave not even a second thought on the importance of water? Just how much water is wasted every day by people like all of us because we do not think normal water is that crucial to us?

Preview: Today, I would like to see you a few of the miraculous capabilities of water to a body which are: We. avoids lacks,

II. supports digestion, and

III. assists with burning more fat.

Move #1: Discussing start with my personal first key point.


I. Theme Sentence #1: The 1st miraculous function of water is it helps the body in order to avoid dehydration. A. According to per cent of the adult human body includes water. B. Water is necessary to regulate the body temperature to avoid the body by overheating. C. When somebody feels thirsty, it demonstrates the body provides loss 1% of it is total quantity of drinking water. D. If you do not drink enough water each day, the body liquids will be away of balance, causing dehydration, according to the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia website.

Change #2: Now that we have discussed my initial main stage, let us move to my second point.

II. Topic Word #2: Other than that, water also functions in aiding digestion. A. Ingesting enough water helps prevent obstipation.

B. Japanese Water Remedy – support flush spend from the intestinal tract and may support relieve congestion according to C. According to Nutrition Specialist P. Kendall at Colorado State University Extension, " drinking water having a meal may offer some benefits to digestive function. ”

Change #3: Now we have reached my own last point.

III. Topic Sentence #3: Lastly, normal water helps in burning more fat and aids weight loss. A. By moving water before consuming your meals, you are feeling full via eating considerably faster because water takes up the room of the meals eaten in accordance to...

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