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Daniel Whalen


Cost Accounting: Professor Frederick

Homework Part 4


Indirect Expense PoolsMachining DepartmentAssembly Department

Manufacturing OverheadManufacturing Expense

Cost Portion BaseMachine HoursDirect Manufacturing Labor Costs Cost Object: ProductIndirect Costs

Immediate Costs

Immediate CostsDirect MaterialsDirect Manufacturing Labor

Budgeted Making Overhead Price: Machining Department=$36 per hour, Assembly= 180% of Direct production labor costs 2)Job 494 MOH costs allocated to: (2, 000 Machine Hours *$36)+($15, 000 Labor*180%)= $99, 000 3)Machining MOH Allocated: fifty five, 000 Equipment Hours* $36=$1, 980, 1000

Machining MOH Actual: two, 100, 1000

Machining MOH Under-allocated=$120, 1000

Assembly MOH Allocated: $2, 200, 000*180%)=$3, 960, 500

Assembly MOH Actual: 3, 700, 000

Assembly MOH Over-allocated=$260, 000


1)Indirect Cost PoolClient Support: $13, 600, 1000

Cost Share BaseProfessional Labor: 256% Career Labor Price Cost Object: Consulting

Immediate CostsProfessional Labor: $5, 312, 500

2)Markup Rate of professional labor costs: twenty-one, 250, 000/5, 312, 500=400% 3)

Revenues$40, 300

Direct Costs;

Professional Labor$10, 075

Indirect Costs:

Client Support25, 79235, 867

Operating Income$4, 433

Turner will put money $40, 300 in order to generate its concentrate on operating cash flow of 11% of revenues 22

12nd Quarter: 500 units*0. 5=250 Direct Labor Hours*$12= Varying MOH $3, 000 + (250*$16=Direct Labor Cost $4, 000) + (500 units*$7. 50=Direct Elements Cost $3, 750)+(Fixed MOH $10, 500)= Total Manufacturing Costs $21, 250/500 units=$42. 50 Total Manufacturing expense per device 2nd 1 / 4

3rd 1 / 4: 150 units*0. 5=75 Direct Labor Hours*$12= Variable MOH $900+(75*$16=Direct Labor Cost $1, 200)+(150 units*$7. 50= Direct Materials Price $1, 125)+(Fixed MOH $12, 500)= Total Manufacturing Costs $13, 725/150 units=...


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