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Muslim, with a built in consumer base of 1. almost eight billion pass on across the world, halal today is one of the world's most effective growing global businesses. Additionally it is an growing market force that is attracting non –Muslims with its healthful hygienic and contamination totally free principles in food creation. Halal finally has a client reach greater than 6 billion dollars people throughout the world.

Further to this, the demand pertaining to shariah compliance initiatives is usually increasing specifically in the Islamic countries, especially in the hospitality market. This is also an initiative to ensure Muslim requirements are understandable, respected and adhered with, not just by non-Muslim products and service provider, possibly to the Muslim brothers and sisters too.

In order to educate those who are active in the halal/shariah compliance industry as well as creating consciousness on how competitive the global food industry, would want to offer this INHART Teaching Programme Pitch. This business venture will further more strengthen marketplace confidence inside the Halal/Shariah Conformity process, extending its global appeal by simply educating the mass market of Halal/Shariah Compliance exclusive properties, of course increase the economic benefit pertaining to both agencies and both equally countries.

We feel that this training programme will benefit each party in terms of world standing and financial. We all also pushed that by having such cooperation; it provides international parity in the creation of better Muslim prosperity and real-application of halal/shariah compliance, because the preferred global standard to get mankind.

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Halal can be today among the list of fastest growing global businesses. Halal meals has fascinated the interest of non-Muslim consumers as well as due to the wholesome, delete word and contamination-free principles in food creation. Nowadays, the halal market is not only confined to food but it is quickly expanding, which will now involves cosmetics, natural health supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care and other consumer products as well as other software program as hospitality and strategies.

In response for the rapidly growing Halal industry expansion in Malaysia, the International Islamic School Malaysia, having its academic and research strength and favorable Islamic environment has established a special centre focused on Halal sector - " IIUM Halal Industry Study Centre” in July 06\. Prior to the birthday of this center, there were already pockets of activities related to Halal and Halal market by educational staff coming from various Kulliyyahs. But with HIRCen, Halal actions at IIUM become more emphasis and better coordinated with the Research Managing Centre becoming the monitoring body. HIRCen was to enjoy a crucial complementing role pertaining to IIUM's contribution in positioning and expanding Malaysia as the centre for Halal products and services as well as other interested companies or countries, to become a essential Halal product or service player. The university specialist envisioned that IIUM can and should perform a greater role in strengthening the research and training component of the halal industry. As a result, HIRcen...


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