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During her presidency of the unsuccsefflull Woman's State Temperance World (1852-1853), At the Cady Stanton, as your woman was a staunch advocate of liberalized divorce laws, scandalized many of her most living supporters in her advice that drunkenness should be produced sufficient cause of divorce.

A. as she was a staunch advocate of liberalized divorce laws, scandalized many of her most hardcore supporters in her suggestion that drunkenness should be

W. as your woman was a staunch advocate for liberalized divorce laws, scandalized many of her most living supporters simply by her suggestion of drunkenness being

C. in being a staunch endorse for liberalized divorce laws and regulations, had scandalized many of her most hardcore supporters with the suggestion of drunkenness becoming

D. a staunch supporter of liberalized divorce regulations, scandalized many of her many ardent proponents by suggesting that drunkenness be

Elizabeth. a staunch advocate of liberalized divorce laws, your woman scandalized most of her most ardent proponents in recommending that drunkenness should be



By simply merging its two publishing divisions, the company will increase all their share in the country's $21 billion book market coming from 6 percent to 10 %, a market which range from obscure textbooks to mass-market paperbacks.

A. their share of the country's $21 billion dollars book marketplace from 6 percent to 10 percent, an industry ranging

B. from six percent to 10 percent its share in the $21 billion book marketplace in the country, which usually ranges

C. to 10 % from 6th percent inside their share with the $21 billion dollars book market in the country, an industry ranging

D. in its share, from 6 percent to 10 percent, with the $21 billion book industry in the country, which usually ranges

E. to 10 % from 6th percent their share of the country's $21 billion publication market, which ranges



A product that represents a clear technological enhance over rivalling products can generally command a high price. Because technological advances tend to be quickly surpassed and companies make large income while they still can, many companies charge the greatest price the market is going to bear after they have these kinds of a product. Yet large profits on the mew product gives competitors a solid incentive to quickly meet the mew product's functions. Consequently, the strategy to increase overall make money from a new product is to fee less than the best possible value.

In the disagreement above, both the portions in boldface play which with the following roles?

A. Is an presumption that forms the basis for any course of action that the argument criticizes; the second shows the course of action endorsed by argument.

W. The first is a consideration raised to describe the benefit of a certain technique; the second is a consideration raised to call in question the wisdom of adopting that strategy.

C. The first is a great assumption that is used to rationalize a certain strategy; the second is a consideration that is used to cast doubt on that assumption.

D. The first is an option raised supporting a strategy the argument endorses; the second presents grounds supporting that consideration.

E. The first is a consideration brought up to show that adopting some strategy can be unlikely to realise the intended effect; the second is provided to explain the appeal of that strategy.


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