Finance Test Notes

 Finance Check Notes Dissertation

п»ї1. Process of attaching new knowledge: Presentation

2 . Condition, Overall look of a merchandise: Variation

3. Identical set of attribute: Trait Theory

4. Fresh information technology to lower cost: Initially mover – advantages your five. Make people persist their effort to aim: Motivation

6. Good performance will probably be rewarded, appealing reward: Expectations theory several. Regulation of worker's behavior and decision: Concertive Control 8. A message is put into a written, verbal: Encoding

9. Fiedler's Contigency: Situational Favorableness

twelve. Extrinsic incentive: A Salary Boost

eleven. Blake as well as Mouton: Production

12. In respect to: Mc Clelland

13. Assess themselves to ascertain: Referents

14. Creat semicustomized items: Assemble to order

12-15. Feeling below reward, Except: Decrease their particular output

of sixteen. Behavior is an event of: Its consequences

17. Total Quality Administration, Except: Communication

18. Marriage between performance and returns: Instrumentality 19. Leadership builds awareness and acceptance: Life changing 20. Argues, lower demands must be met first: Maslow

21. Last step in perceptual process: Preservation

twenty two. Consist of the vocabulary into a profession or maybe a group: Lingo 23. Persons expose same information will most likely disagree: Perceptual Filter twenty four. A product or perhaps services complies with customer requires: Quality 25. Basic need to comprehend and make clear the cause of patterns: Attribution theory 26. Inclination to fill out gaps of missing data: Closure twenty-seven. Make tv-sender aware of likely miscommunication and enables them to carry on: Feedback twenty-eight. Top-down control: Bureaucratic

29. Three formal connection channels: Downwards, Horizontal, Way up 30. Data with many other managers and worker: Chat Chain thirty-one. Measure of worker to assess overall performance and impact: Objective control 32. Head consults with employees for his or her suggestion: Participative 33. Not a level given pertaining: Waste materials marketing

34. Not...


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