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Fe'nix del Sur Case Study






With any organization, the of alter is a thing that must be dealt with continually. While it may be easy for an organization to relish long periods of success and growth with no threat for the status-quo, circumstances will ultimately change that will require adaptation. This is evidently the case with Fe'nix delete Sur, a worldwide importer and distributor of South American and African artifacts.

In the last ten years, Fe'nix del En se promenant sur has liked 20 percent total annual growth in revenue concluding in product sales of $25 million. Industry forces have got turned, creating interesting situations for the organization that began their tiny base of operations in Tucson, Illinois before headquartering in Phoenix az and starting branches in Los Angeles, Arkansas and Boston. These modifications in our market place have formulated a number of problems for the business. Prior to delving into these types of specific challenges, it is 1st important to assess Fe'nix de Sur to formulate a case analysis. Kerin & Peterson (2010) details the several analytical categories of a market circumstance analysis, that can be clearly applied here: 1 . Nature in the Industry, Marketplace & Customer Behavior: Fe'nix del En se promenant sur specializes in authentic artifacts found from tribal regions of South usa and The african continent. In addition , they also delve into Hopi and Navajo pottery and jewelry. They market these high-end exclusive products through a network of specialized dealers to consumers who have are interested in high-priced and unique relics. Competitively, the organization's products happen to be in limited supply and competition is rolling out from other sellers and even the present distribution stations. 2 . Organization: The company primary target is to make profit on it is distinctive key competency, carefully verified and authenticated artifacts, by selling these people at excessive profit margin to discriminating end-users. Recently,...

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