Religion Analysis Paper

Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities

Religious Expression in Australia-1945 to the Present

Summarize the changing patterns of religious adherence by 1945 to the present using census data. Changing Patterns of Religious Adherence: your five Major Styles


- 1947 81. 2% Christian

- 2001 56. 9% Christian


-- Christians have greater amount of over 50's and less under forties than contemporary society at large - 82% of Australians 65+ identify since Christians. 60% of 18-24 year olds. - Most significant group of Buddhist affiliates 35-44. Similar intended for Hindu and Muslim. - 18-24 probably to state not any religion with 20 %.

INCREASE IN THESE IDENTIFYING HAVING A TRADITION OTHER THAN CHRISTANITY - From 1996- 2001 Yoga increased simply by 79% Hindu 42% Islam 40% and Judaism simply by 5% - Due to migrants Christianity nonetheless dominant in Immigrants. -- From 1996- 2001 Five hundred thousand new arrivals to Quotes, 9% Buddhist, 9% Islam 5% Hindu 1% Judaism. INCREASE IN INDIVIDUALS IDENTIFYING WITH ORTHODOX SPIRITUAL TRADITION -- Up simply by 7% via 497 1000 from 1996- 2001

- Due to The southern area of Eastern Euro Immigration.


- 1947 39% Anglican 21% Catholic 27% Different Christian

- 2001 21% Catholic, 21% Anglican.

Take into account present spiritual landscape nationwide with regards to: CHRISTIANITY BEING A MAJOR RELIGIOUS TRADITION

* White colored Australian Plan ensured that almost all immigrants were Christian * 1962 constitution passed that provided the Cathedral of England in Australia to acquire no ties with Great britain and is free to determine all matters of faith, worship and discipline. In 1982 changed its name to Anglican Church of Australia 2. Christian nonetheless make up most of immigrants, by Britain, NZ and Europe * 1975-1984 total of 90000 refugees from Vietnam, Most Christian * Anglican Church will no longer holds the highest proportion of Christian adherents, now taken by Roman Catholic Church twenty-five. 8 % in 2006 2. Catholicism began as the main religious traditions due to European settlement 18th/19th Century. * Over 40 ethnic groupings constitute the Catholic Church in Australia today. * Catholic Church keeps the largest quantity of adherents of most denominations inside the Australian Religious landscape. 2. Uniting Cathedral is the third largest Christian Denomination in Australia * Australian society in 1947 was predominately Christian 87. 3% * Both roman Catholicism features risen in number of adherents since 1947, from 20. 9% to 26. 6% * Immigration has had a significant influence on catholic adherents, include catholic communities in Europe IMMIGRATION

5. Post warfare (1950s) migrants included Italian language Catholics and Orthodox Christians. * Migration not only elevated some made use of but helped bring new types in. * 1950's found the Thai bring Yoga

* Political refugees from Lebanon, Turkey, Dalam negri and Bosnia brought Islam. * Asile from India, Sir Kemzryn? and Fiji bought Hinduism * Jewish Migration following your WWII helped bring Judaism

5. In the Main Christian Denominations have carterd for Marinate, Melkite in Catholic Community. DENOMINATIONAL TRANSITIONING

2. Protestant/ Anglican Denomination individuals are very willing to switch denominations. * Earlier generation everyone was loyal for the denomination these were born in. * Seen amongst 20-39 year olds.

2. 1980 Pentecostalism was the fast growing Christian denomination in Australia due to denominational switching. 2. People give attention to their personal needs that suit their very own lives as opposed to the needs in the community. 2. 2006 Census showed that Anglican fallen and Pentecostal identification improved because Anglicans choosing Pentecostal services for their style. 5. People are more independent, selecting for themselves instead of following the actual were increased in. 5. 1991 Cathedral Life Review showed 29% of people acquired switched in the last 5 years. THE GO UP OF THE MODERN AGE RELIGIONS.



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