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 Eng Dissertation final draft


Fatih Erkal


Eng 102-105

Sibel Evliyagil

27. 02. 2015

" Is definitely fear an optimistic emotion? If you do, explain how can. If simply no, explain the effects are and for what reason they cannot always be regarded as positive”

Positivity of Fear for Human Beings

Individuals, as a living and sense creatures, experience their emotions and experience respect with their emotions too. What is intended by " with respect to emotion" is that people usually help to make their options according with their emotions through their lives. For example , when you love somebody, you do not select him/her in respect to reasonable parameters such as whether he is abundant or not, or, if his/her feature is near yours or not. Mainly, you love him/her because you just love them, to put that differently your own heart says that take pleasure in him/her. With this example, like, an emotion, is the key qualifying criterion for your decision. If we apply this function to another emotion called dread, which is viewed as one of the most fundamental emotions of our lives, we all again obtain a similar result which means that dread directs all of us in our alternatives and lives. In this respect, once our lives and our thoughts are highly linked to each other, the question is if these thoughts have results on our lives, in other words, if these emotions are positive or not really. There will be various possible answers to this query for many emotions but if put into effect the fear into mind in terms of positivity, the answer is certainly, fear is a positive emotion. How come fear is positive is the fact because it leads to many confident and helpful consequences once mankind's survival, psychologically, cultural well-being happen to be taken into consideration. A primary reason of why fear is certainly a positive emotion is that dread alerts individuals when they face a danger. Lilienfield supports this fact simply by saying: " It notifications us


to potential dangers, just like a predator or perhaps criminal" (17). So fear is like a control and alerting device therefore it defends us from many possible bad outcomes. To confirm this fact, we will examine what will happen if we have got lack of dread. At this point, Lilienfield comes with the answer that people with lack of fear do not become frightened and in addition they do not provide the anticipated response to threats (18). To broaden this thought, for example , imagine that you happen to be faced with an unhealthy stray dog and you like dogs as well. If you have lack of fear then you can go around it and try to play with that but most likely, especially if you are in Turkey, it will nip you and you will definately get injured. This example demonstrates that without the positive effects of dread like getting alert and protective, human beings cannot provide the ideal response against risks and hazards then generally they result in unexpected awful situations. Therefore fear because an notifying mechanism alerts us for most possible dangers and maybe that protects us from becoming harmed. Therefore by offering this kind of protection, fear serves us healthier and safety lives so that it grows and retains our existence quality. Using this perspective, fear is a positive emotion.

If we consider fear when it comes to sociality, dread has

various positive influences and benefits, which make this positive, including it contributes to maintainability in the public buy and also provides a positive impact on children's education and more especially it gives people jointly and make them feel a part of an organization. The 1st reason why fear has a confident effect on sociable well-being is the fact fear contains a contribution for the maintainability of public order. In all societies (almost all), in order to guard and maintain the general public order, each of them have some rules and laws and regulations. Validity and strength of these laws are based on their deterrence which means scare someone in order to hinder him/her for doing something wrong. For instance , if somebody intends to commit against the law, usually they becomes scared from enforcement of laws and regulations like being imprisoned after which...


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