Energypac Technical engineers Ltd

 Energypac Technicians Ltd Composition

Electroplating store:

Electroplating is primarily utilized for depositing a layer of material to give a desired property into a surface that otherwise is lacking in that house. Mainly electroplating is used for the following functions: * Erosion

* Wear resistance

2. Corrosion security

* lubricity and

* Aesthetic attributes

The electroplating shop of Energypac Engineering Limited contains three areas. i) Seven color section

ii) Pennie section

iii) Silver section

Seven color section:

Parts that are made with mild stainlesss steel are consumed in this shop. At first zinc coating can be provided for the parts and after that these parts are eight colored. There is a single place provided for this section. Parts happen to be taken to the bedroom after cleaning and then kept in the stand. There are 3 zinc containers inside the space although there is an aquarium for several color that remains untouched. It is done outside the space. Acid washing is also carried out outside the room because it harmful for the workers. It is difficult to use an effective collection in this section because the parts are not homogenous. Besides a few parts will be rusted that makes it difficult to determine an identical circulation time of the parts. Nevertheless the existing effectiveness can be superior. That is why it is vital check the existing process circulation, layout and work procedure. Process movement of seven color section:

Current design of eight color section:

H2SO4(Mild steel)


Zinc Tank

Zinc Tank


Zinc Barrel or clip Tank

Normal water



7 color


Drinking water

H2SO4(Cu, Brass)


Doing work table

Normal water

7 color


Management table



Operating manual for seven color section:

1 . First of all the job which can be going to become electroplated is sunk into an Acid solution container of H2SO4. The duration of settling depends on the size shape and corrosion standard of the job. Normally big size and highly corroded careers are sunk about 1hour and half an hour. Medium size needs about 40 moments. Small size needs 20-25 minutes. 2 . Then the task is taken to a drinking water container to wash. Sometimes jobs are rinsed by plane of water through a pipe. 3. Then your job is taken in to the bobbing section to eliminate the dust, discard, debris and unnecessary allergens which stacked on the job area. It will take 3-10 minutes. It vary due to size shape and corrosion level. four. Then the work is considered into acid solution container once again for 2-4 minutes for removing the remaining of dusts and leftovers. 5. The work is rinsed by normal water.

six. The job can then be taken to the Zinc fish tank. There are two types of container. One is employed for the small parts known as barrel or clip tank which may have the capacity of 10 kg and that generally takes 1 . 30-2 hour to full one operation. Another fish tank is used for the medium and large sized jobs. It will take 40min – 2 . a few hours. The roles are linked with a water piping wire and connected to the cathode and sunk to the Zinc solution with the tank. 7. The jobs happen to be washed with water after taken out in the Zinc container. 8. Then a jobs will be taken to the seven colors container and sunk generally there about 2 minutes. on the lookout for. Then the careers are taken up the heating unit to dry it up.

10. Finally the jobs happen to be stored and able to deliver.

Flow coming back seven color section:

Time essential in different steps | Huge sized jobs(min)| Medium sized jobs(min)| Small size jobs(min)| Steps| HighCorrosion| Low Corrosion| Highcorrosion| Low Corrosion| HighCorrosion(min)| Low Corrosion| Acidity | 90| 65| 40| 25| 8| 3

Water| 1| 1| 0. 75| 0. 75| 0. 5| 0. a few

Bobbing| 20| 10| 10| 7| 5| 2

Acid| 2| 2| 2| 2| 2| a couple of

Water| 1| 1| 0. 75| 0. 75| 0. 5| zero. 5

Zinc tank| 150| 100| 80| 50| 150| 110

Water| 1| 1| 0. 75| 0. 75| 0. 5| 0. your five

Seven color| 3| 3| 2| 2| 2| two

Water| 1| 1|...


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