Electron Dispersion through a Graphite Film

 Electron Diffraction through a Graphite Film Essay


Electron diffraction through a graphite film.

Mark Raskin

Skidmore College or university


Fuzy: In this daily news, the wave-like properties of electrons will be discussed. We could trying to gauge the inter-atomic space (d) between the graphite atoms, which were accelerating electrons through. While the electrons pass through the graphite, a great interference routine emerges within the screen before the gun. The interference design shows up being a circle in a circle, every single of which symbolizes a different interatomic spacing in the graphite essudato structure. Even as we increase the voltage of the potential difference every. 5kV coming from 2 . 5kV to four. 5kV, the diameter of the interference pattern will lower. We do this many times and found which the inter-atomic spacing between the essudato structures from the graphite will be 2 . 51Г… and 1 ) 31Г…, with errors of 17. 8% and 6th. 5% respectively compared to the acknowledged values of 2. 13Г… and 1 . 23Г….


Electron dispersion is just one example of how a particle can act like a wave. Dispersion is the idea that a trend will change course when it activities a sharp border or a slit. In this research, we are applying an electron gun to shoot a beam of electrons by a thin layer of graphite whose atoms are arranged within a hexagonal condition, allowing for diffraction between the individual atoms. Beneficial interference can occur when


The electron gun works on the potential big difference of among 2 . 5-4. 5kV to accelerate the electrons throughout the graphite bed sheet at a screen on the other part of the cleared out gas bulb. We can determine the distance between your different space of the carbon dioxide atoms simply by determining the diameter from the circles in the interference design. As the electrons complete

throughout the graphite linen, they fold at an angle Оё and will produce rings of diameter Deb,


exactly where L is a distance through the graphite level to the display. As you raise the accelerating volt quality, the perspective Оё as well as the diameter G of the disturbance pattern on the screen boosts. De Broglie hypothesized that most particles ought to exhibit wave-like properties with an associated wavelength (О»).


Pertaining to an electron accelerating from rest by using a potential big difference, the work-kinetic energy basic principle implies,



By replacing equation (4) into formula (3), we get


Simply by combining equations (1), (4), and (5) we get an equation pertaining to the interference diameter (D) in terms of the power of the electrons and the interatomic spacing (d).


This kind of equation lets us know that Deb is inversely proportional to. If we produce a graph of G vs eV, we can decide the slope


therefore the interatomic spacing (d) is definitely



installment payments on your PROCEDURE

All of us first commenced the lab by simply connecting the electron weapon up to a hollywood power supply which could go up to 5kV. We then turned on the gun and set the voltage to 2 . 5kV and noticed two green concentric groups on the phosphorus screen opposing the firearm. We used a caliper to measure the diameter with the two groups. We took an overall total of a few measurements for every circle at 2 . 5kV, 3kV, a few. 5kV, 4kV, and 5kV.


Figure (1) This is a graph of the diameters from the inner circle as we increased the volts in increments of. 5kV. The slope is. 00386.

Figure (2) This is a graph of the diameters in the outer ring as we elevated the volts in installments of. 5kV. The slope is. 074.

Stand (1) A table demonstrating the measurements for the diameters (D) of the interior and external circles in meters (m) for the several voltages.


To determine the interatomic space of the vertical lattice, we have the incline from physique (1) (s =. 0386) and select it in equation (8) to obtain 2 . 51Г…, which is 18. 8% removed from the recognized value of two. 13Г…. To determine the interatomic spacing of the horizontal lattice, we get the...

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