EDCCL 205 Essay

Unit 5:

Understand Partnership Working

in Services for youngsters and

Young People

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MU2. 9

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a couple of

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Product summary

This kind of unit delivers knowledge and understanding of the value of collaboration working and effective interaction.

Assessment requirements/evidence requirements

This unit needs to be assessed in line with the Skills for Care and Development's QCF Assessment Guidelines.

Learners can enter the types of facts they are presenting for assessment and the submission date against each examination criterion. On the other hand, centre documents should be accustomed to record these details.

N026022 – Specification – Edexcel Level 2 Degree or diploma for the Children's Proper care, Learning and Development (QCF) – Concern 1 – April 2011 © Edexcel Limited 2011


Unit content

you Understand partnership working in the context of services for children and teenagers

Benefits for youngsters and young adults when adults work in collaboration with other folks: working in partnerships eg with parents, carers, guardians, specialists, multi-disciplinary groups, colleagues; advertising inclusive practice; sharing common goals; identifying and appointment individual needs of youngsters and teenagers; providing support for children and families; increasing outcomes for example for the building blocks Phase; Stretching Entitlement, Children and Fresh People's alliance – Rights to Action Relevant partners in individual work establishing: reflect on individual work establishing and recognize partners; interior partners for example parents, carers, colleagues; external partners for example professionals from health, education and cultural care, advisers, voluntary organisations, educational individuals, Children's Organisations

Characteristics of effective collaboration working: growing positive operating relationships with colleagues and other adults; focusing on how own position and obligations relate to different colleagues and partners; identifying different efficiency roles; discovering key features of effective conversation and the lines and ways of communication; using appropriate interpersonal and collaborative skills; keeping colleagues informed; identifying organisation's expectations and procedures once and for all working human relationships; promoting powerful teamwork; improving confidentiality inside the exchange info; promptly responding to any concerns or interaction difficulties; displaying respect intended for colleagues for example respecting the abilities and competence of various other practitioners; valuing diversity and recognising the rights of others to have differing opinions or perhaps ideas; posting professional know-how and knowledge; developing common goals; function of the lead professional in taking responsibility for integrated working

Limitations to partnership working: qualities of unproductive communication between partners; causes of breakdown in relationships eg individual personalities, financial and time constraints, different conditions of employment, different jobs and goals, different efficiency policies and procedures, issues of teamwork, different professional language and ways of doing work; role of effective management


N026022– Specification – Edexcel Level 2 Degree for the Children' Treatment, Learning and Development (QCF) – Issue 1 – April 2011 © Edexcel Limited 2011

2 Understand the importance of successful communication and

information sharing in services for children and young people Requirement of clear and effective communication between companions: effective interaction eg mental and nonverbal, questioning and listening abilities, body language, cosmetic expression, gestures; effective showing of information eg clarifying which means and staying away from

misunderstanding, writing of good practice, professional expertise and competence, encouraging contributions from other folks; early involvement; early identity and examination of requirements; quick affiliate to...


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