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Accounting Information Program which is a subsystem of the Monetary Information System refers to the orderly agreement of procedures, personnel, information, equipment and devices employed for a logical and orderly gathering, processing and reporting of financial and other data essential to the efficient conduct and evaluation of the activities of a company.

An accounting information system (AIS) is definitely the information subsystem within an corporation that builds up information from your entity's several subsystems and communicates it to the company information control subsystem. The AIS today is a great enterprise-wide data system aimed at business method. It is the mixture of procedures, staff, records, tools and gadgets that a business uses to fulfill its need for financial data. The word data in the subject indicates that a company will get more reports, such as revenue by merchandise, and cash-flow projections present valuable data for their business decisions.

Accounting information program evolves after some time and becomes more official as a firm grows and becomes more complicated. Information technology should be compatible and support the other aspects of an accounting information system.


The essential objective of the accounting strategy is to collect, procedure and provide economic information required by supervision and other interested parties in conducting and evaluating the business activities. The reports made up of the economic information should be accurate, regular and prepared at the lowest cost likely.


The basic elements of an accounting system happen to be:

1 . Procedures or a set of interrelated activities involving the originating processing and reporting of financial and other data. 2 . Statement of accounting policies and standards.

3. Information and reviews necessary to accumulate, process, retail outlet and transfer financial and other information four. Bookkeeping program or pro-forma accounting entries including computational requirements. your five. Personnel straight involved in accounting work.

six. Equipment and devices found in the system to expedite the task, provide settings and minimize if not totally prevent fraud and errors.


An efficient accounting details system encompasses those guidelines, methods and procedures, along with records that may:

1 . Recognize properly and record every valid transactions.

2 . Describe the transactions on a timely basis and in satisfactory detail allowing proper category of deals for auto financing reporting. several. Determine the timeframe in which the deal occurred to be able to permit documenting in the correct accounting period. 4. Measure the value of the transaction in a fashion that permits their particular recording inside their proper monetary value in the monetary statement. a few. Permit correct presentation from the transactions and related necessary disclosures inside the financial assertion. 6. Help management in planning, controlling and decision-making.

To be able to accomplish the above goals, the Accounting Information System should possess the following features.

1 . Suitability to the company's organization.

The system should suit the business business's organizational composition and guidelines. 2 . Supply of required reports.

The device should be able to provide timely, important, accurate and effective information needed simply by management and also other interested get-togethers. 3. Provision for settings.

The system should certainly provide enough controls to ensure the reliability and accuracy of financial data, safeguard assets and minimize problems and scam. 4. Adequacy of provision for examine trail.

The machine should be built to facilitate the tracing of data processing steps from the...


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