dell supply string managment

 dell supply chain managment Essay

AHND- EHND -- SCM – First Task S12-2012

Bassam Badran, Ph level. D. Web page 1

Syrian Virtual University (SVU)

Semester S12 to get 2012-2013

Substantial National Diploma or degree (HND)

In Computing and Business Software

Course: Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Project One – Singular

Device Supply Chain Management


Article writer Bassam Badran


Particular date of delivery 10-10-2012

Deadline (submittal) 10-11-2012

Grade twenty percent

References Compiled from several articles running a business Week

(1997 through 2001); cio. com (2001); dell. com,

reached March twenty seven, 2003; Hagel (2002).

1 . Principals and Reasons

From this project you would understand the notion of managing the provision chain in Dell Computer system Company.

2 . Results

• Dell Source Chain Components.

Being aware of SC components

The strategy with the company.

• Explain the information of using the IT and E-commerce over the net in accelerating the delivery of Dell Computers.

Operations that Dell accustomed to regain the market share.

Processes such as CRM that helped inside the integration of different part of SCM and Value Chain Sites.

• Explain how the strategies taken in organising, developing and maintaining successful supply organizations:

AHND- EHND - SCM – First Assignment S12-2012

Bassam Badran, Ph. M. Page a couple of

Determining suitable strategies in growing better sales and client satisfaction.

Submitting useful information in on how we can put value jointly part of the supply chains.

• Defining the operation administration:

o Explaining the importance info technologies and its particular effect on the transaction in the supply chain management.

u Suggestions how we could increase our service to our


3. Synopsis

• Composing a good survey with no a lot more than 2500 phrases.

• Learning the problem that Dell faced.

• Choosing the best answers just like integration and e-commerce in regaining the industry.

4. Personal Skills Expansion

The personal skills that you are likely to develop in completion of building your project are:

Developing needed skills: How you can plan your time schedule so you could post report on time.

Problem solver and management skills: applying different resources including internet, papers, and publications.

5. Grading System

Passing Grade (P): In order to go this task you have to provide evidence that you can understand and specify what were the problems plus the solutions in Dell Organization. Merit Grade (M): You have to submit a detailed report on the supply Chain at Dell Company and the effects of the usage and IT technologies utilized. Note: You will need to fulfil the passing grade in order to get value grade. Difference Grade (D): You have to define the effect of using newer technologies in Dell Organization by doing even more research.

Notice: You have to satisfy the value grade to acquire the variation grade. AHND- EHND -- SCM – First Task S12-2012

Bassam Badran, Ph level. D. Webpage 3

Completing grades (50 points):

1 ) Listing every one of the actions taken by Dell to improve its supply chain and facilitated because of it (10 points)

2 . Separate the activities in question 1 into the upstream, downstream, and internal parts of the supply string (20 points)

3. List the collaborative actions with business associates in this case (10 points). 4. Maintaining efficient supply string at Dell (10 points).

Merit degrees (30 points):

1 . Growing on moving grades items with more comprehensive information and reasoning (15 points).

2 . Writing a professional and powerful report (15 points).

Difference Grades (20 points).

1 . Showing study elements and analysis (10 points).

installment payments on your Detailing the points of the report in professional way (10 points). Project Credited Dates. The due schedules for the project will be as follow: - Submittal date to students: 10-10-2012

- Previous day handy in you project can be: 10-11-2012

Take note: Assignments has to be uploaded within the ISIS. Simply no grading to get the tasks that will be dispatched by emails or any other means. Make sure you try to upload before time to be secure.

6. Example:...

References: Created from several articles running a business Week

(1997 through 2001); cio. com (2001); dell. com,

utilized March twenty-seven, 2003; Hagel (2002).


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