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Vote with the dollar

Competition regulator urges buyer electric power

Published: Saturday | June 12, 2011

Avia Collinder, Business Reporter

Jamaicans have been seeing that a number of the grocery store items that they buy now looking and preference the same, and many persons have taken their issues of deceiving packaging and falling quality standards towards the Fair Trading Commission (FTC). The FTC, as competition watchdog, can and does force food suppliers to correct misleading representations of goods where they are proved. But when the complaint is simply a matter of how the item 'tastes', then it is up to the buyer to make the phone whether or not to obtain. The FTC said it is often getting issues alleging misleading representation of ingredients of certain food goods. In some instances, it said, the allegations had been unfounded. In others, as a result of absence of market standards, concerning definitions or perhaps classifications of certain foods and or ingredients, the allegations could not be turned out. One of the most recent complaints built against a number of bakeries relevant to bread classed as 'whole wheat', the FTC said. Not all had been found to have merit, but in some cases wherever packaging was labelled 'whole wheat', a careful glance at the fine print says the major materials ranged from baking and enriched flour, to white flour. The competition watchdog has brought up its own issues about the possible health risks of such a practice. " The Fair Trading Commission was concerned that misleading practice could present a major overall health risk to some members of the public such as diabetics, who assume that the labelling was accurate, " said FTC executive overseer, David Miller. The organization issued an advisory notifying the public, as well as subsequent exploration resulted in bakeries repackaging their very own goods in order to avoid misleading the public, Miller stated. " However , in respect of the reduction or watering down of elements, " he said, " this would constitute a break of the Fair Competition Take action only in a situation when a rendering is made about the product in fact it is proved to be false or misleading. " For instance, the FTC said, their packaging on a particular product may well indicate that this contains a specific amount or form of ingredient when ever in fact it will not. The Bureau of Specifications is best prepared to execute such confirmation tests. Nevertheless the FTC highlights that it is no offence to offer a product of poor quality. The breach takes place where the provider labels the merchandise as having properties or perhaps ingredients that that. " Subject to standards created by legislation and to certain health and protection requirements, a great enterprise gets the freedom and right to make its own requirements of preference and/or exclusive blend of materials, and to change these in accordance with the requirements of the marketplace provided that by doing this, it does not deceive the public in a material respect, " explained Miller. Issues about top quality

Where no work is made to mislead, but consumers have worries about top quality, it is approximately them to 'vote' with their dollar by transitioning to others, or performing without the product. " Competition in a marketplace ultimately gives consumers using a variety of rates and merchandise choices, " said Callier. " A producer of condensed milk, for instance, who does not appeal to the tastes of the majority of consumers, may find that buyers might switch to another item or select not to buy that product. " That is certainly how competitive markets tend to operate, Callier said. avia. [email protected] com


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