City solid waste disposal by using metallurgical technologies and equipments

 Municipal solid waste disposal through the use of metallurgical systems and equipments Essay



Volume a few, Issue two, 2012 pp. 237-246

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Municipal solid waste disposal by utilizing metallurgical

technologies and equipments

Jiuju Cai, Wenqiang Sunshine

State Environmental Protection Essential Laboratory of Eco-industry, Commence of Thermal and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, P. R. Cina.


Pyrolysis of city solid waste can take total advantage of energy and resource and avoid producing hazardous material during this period. In conjunction with mature metallurgical technologies of coking by coke oven, regenerative flame furnace technology and shedding by electric arc heater, technologies of regenerative fixed bed pyrolysis technology intended for household waste materials, co-coking technology for waste materials plastic and blend fossil fuel, and incineration ash shedding technology by electric arc technology for medical waste were respectively developed to enhance current unsatisfied sorting status of spend. The exploration results of laboratory tests, semi-industrial experiments and industrial experiments as well as their economical benefits and environmental rewards for related technologies were separately shown. Copyright В© 2012 Worldwide Energy and Environment Foundation - Almost all rights reserved. Keywords: City and county solid squander; Household squander; Waste plastic; Medical waste materials; Metallurgical technology.

1 . Advantages

Municipal solid waste (MSW) includes incomplete household squander (HW), squander plastic (WP), and medical waste (MW) which has complicated components. With all the rapid development of economy and raised peoples' standard of living, the amount and decrease heating benefit (LHV) of MSW has been rising season by 12 months. It is shown that the LHV of HW in big urban centers such as Beijing and Shanghai in china, China features approached 6th, 200 kJ/kg, that the LHV of MW has already reached 10, 500 kJ/kg due to packs of textiles, pledgets, mutilated systems, etc ., [1] and that WP has a higher average LHV of about forty, 000 kJ/kg [2]. While the LHV of MSW is two, 980 kJ/kg in Delhi [3, 4], 18, 800 kJ/kg in Mauritius [5], and 5, 510пЅћ12, 662 kJ/kg in Havana metropolis [6]. Many research workers have paid their attention to disposing MSW with high LHV. Wilson has evolved a lifestyle cycle inventory model to compare the environmental burdens of various scenarios [7]. Ngnikam reported the emission of greenhouse fumes resulting from MSW treatment. He pointed out that recovery of methane is the significant solution to get reducing green house gas which is supposed to decrease 1 . six ton of carbon dioxide equivalent per ton of MSW [8]. In addition , Alter evaluated the emission attributes and removal efficiencies of heavy metals and displayed that the removing efficiency of heavy precious metals could reach 95% or higher (except intended for Hg) to get MSW incinerator [9]. There is no doubt that direct burning is the most easy disposal way of pretreated MSW, since it has a sound volume-reducing effect of MSW and a complete hazardous and noxious substances eliminating result. However , for untreated MSW, direct using is less reasonable because this due to the sophisticated component, unsteady LHV, and incomplete combustion. Direct losing of without treatment MSW offers ISSN 2076-2895 (Print), ISSN 2076-2909 (Online) В©2012 Worldwide Energy & Environment Foundation. All rights reserved.


International Diary of Energy and Environment (IJEE), Volume 3, Issue two, 2012, pp. 237-246

a minimal thermal performance and launches secondary toxins difficult to always be solved inside the incineration procedure.

In flat iron and stainlesss steel industry, there are numerous mature hot temperature metallurgical systems, equipments, and well-found a muslim treatment systems, including coke oven, blast furnace and heating heater, followed by coke oven gas (COG) treatment system, boost furnace gas purification system and spend heat recovery system of heating system furnace flue gas, respectively. These technologies and...

Sources: 200 kg coking-oven try things out. Journal of Fuel Biochemistry and biology and Technology. 2004, 32(1), 27-30.

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Texte, Northeastern School, 2005. (in Chinese)

Jiuju Cai is usually Professor in the Institute of Thermal and Environmental Anatomist, Northeastern

Wenqiang Sun reveived his BALONEY Degree (2007) in Energy Energy and Power Anatomist and MS

Degree (2009) in Heat Power Engineering from Northeastern University, Cina


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