Phase 4 Solutions

 Chapter 4 Solutions Essay


Q4. 3. Power Toys

(a) Since every single resource features exactly one worker assigned to it, the logjam is the assemblage station with the highest control time (#3)

(b) Capability = 1 / 80 sec = 40 units per hour

(c) Direct labor cost sama dengan Labor cost per hour / flow rate = 9*$15/h / forty trucks per hour = $3. 38/truck (d) Direct labor cost during working hours cell= (75+85+90+65+70+55+80+65+80) sec/truck 5. $15/hr sama dengan $2. 77/truck (e) Usage = circulation rate as well as capacity eighty-five sec as well as 90 securities and exchange commission's = 94. 4% (f)

(g) Ability = you / 145 units/second sama dengan 24. 83 toy--‐trucks per hour Q4. 5. 12 responsibilities to 5 workers


(a) Capability = 1 / 85 sec sama dengan 42. thirty-five units per hour

(b) Direct labor content = (70+55+85+60) sec = 270 sec/unit or 4. 5 min/unit (c) Labor utilization = labor content material / (labor content + total nonproductive time) = 270 securities and exchange commission's / (270 + 15 + 30+ 0 +25 sec) = 79. 41%

(d) Remember that we are faced with a machine spaced line, hence the initial unit will require 4*85 seconds top go through the empty system. Flow Time = 5 * eighty-five sec + 99 as well as (1 / 85 sec) = 8755 sec or perhaps 145. 80 min or perhaps 2 . 43 hrs

(e) There are multiple ways to accomplish this capacity. This table reveals only one model.

Capacity = 1 as well as 70 units/sec = fifty-one. 43 products per hour

(f) There are multiple ways to achieve this capacity. This kind of table displays only one example.

Capacity sama dengan 1 as well as 55 units/sec = sixty-five. 45 products per hour

(g) We have to acquire a cycle moments of 3600/72=50 seconds/unit. The following process allocation features a lot of idle time, although is the simply way to achieve the cycle period, given the constraints we all face.

Therefore , a minimum of 8 workers must achieve a capacity of 72 units hourly. Q4. almost 8. Glove Style

(a. ) Cutting includes a process capacity of 1 glove/2 minutes*60 moments = 35 gloves/hour. Dyeing has a method capacity of just one glove/4 minutes*60 minutes sama dengan 15 gloves/hour. Stitching provides a process potential of 1 glove/3 minutes*60 mins = 20 gloves/hour. Packaging has a process capacity of 1 glove/5 minutes*60 minutes sama dengan 12 gloves/hour. Therefore ,...


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