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Introduction/ Abstract

An enzyme is actually a substance made by a living patient that provides a catalyst to bring about a certain biochemical reaction. They are primarily made up of protein and can immensely speed up reactions. E. coli ( a bacterium) has about one particular, 000 different types of enzymes floating around in its cytoplasm at any given time. Nutrients can be used to join and even breakup molecules since shown in the diagram beneath.

(1) A maltose molecule is about to go into an maltase enzyme which are

shaped to match maltose elements perfectly.

(2) The molecule enters the enzymes effective site and prepares to be broken down.

(3) The maltose molecule's you possess are separated to produce 2 glucose

molecules which then proceed to leave the chemical.

We will be looking into an chemical in this test. Catalase being more specific which can be found in the liver. We will compare its action under distinct conditions with an inorganic catalyst called manganese dioxide.


The purpose of performing this kind of lab is to compare the action of catalase into a nonprotein catalyst under different conditions.


In section A, I hypothesize that the sand will have no effect but the MnO2 will create a gas or start to polyurethane foam up. In section M, I think that the liver may start to present signs of deformation or get smaller in size. The potato will hold air up such as the liver in section A. In section C, I do believe there will be no reaction for either chemicals. Both liver will most likely learn to foam in section M. Finally, in section At the, the hard boiled liver will produce simply no reaction however the other 2 will most likely include a reaction exactly where bubbles are produced.



2. 3% hydrogen peroxide

5. Manganese dioxide

* Refreshing or frosty liver

* Potato

2. Ice


5. Fine clean sand

* Stirring rod

* Bunsen burner or perhaps hotplate

5. 250mL beaker

* check tubes

* scalpel


A. Catalytic reactions

2 ml of hydrogen peroxide was included with two evaluation tubes. zero. 1g of sand was placed in 1 test tube and u. 1g of manganese dioxide was put into the second conduit. The reaction was then seen and documented.

B. The result of an enzyme

a couple of ml of hydrogen peroxide was added to each of two clean test pontoons. A small part of liver was placed into among the test pipes and in the other, a little piece of potato. The outcome was then documented and in comparison with the results from the manganese dioxide. We all then put the materials to the side.

C. Re-using an chemical

The liquid part of the previous tube in N were divided containing the liver into two evaluation tubes. The liver via procedure N was lower into two equal servings and included in two test out tubes. Then the fresh part of liver was added to the first check tube and 1 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide was added to the 2nd tube. The results were then simply recorded.

Deb. Effect of compound size

A small bit of liver was placed in a single test tube and a tiny piece of potato was placed in a second pipe. A touch of sand was included with each evaluation tube and crushed with separate mixing rods. a couple of ml of hydrogen peroxide was put into each tube, then the rates of the reactions were discovered and documented. The results were then compared to the outcomes of the uncrushed liver and potato simply b.

At the. Effect of temp

A little piece of liver organ was include in a evaluation tube and was heated up for five minutes in a boiling water bath. a couple of ml of hydrogen peroxide was added to the hard boiled liver and the results were noted.

A small piece of liver was include in each of two evaluation tubes. One particular test tube was include in a 37oC water bathroom for five minutes and the second tube was placed in an ice-water bathtub for the same amount of time. 2 cubic centimeters of hydrogen peroxide was added to...

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