Biol 203 Brittle bones Case Study SP2015

 Biol 203 Osteoporosis Example SP2015 Article

п»їBIOL 203 Case Study #1Due Date: Pt 1: Fri, Feb 13th

Pt 2: Comes to an end, Feb 20th

Pt 3: Fri, Feb 25th

The following is a case study relating to the skeletal program. Note: You need to cite almost all references you used in addressing the questions!

Your originality credit score from turnitin. com must be 25% or perhaps below on the due date or else you will receive a 0 on this assignment. You have to cite all references you used in giving an answer to the queries. Use APA format pertaining to both your in text and full research citations.

The paper must be submitted throughout the Canvas site.

Your 70 year old great aunt Evelyn was placing a canning jar on the top space when she stepped awkwardly off of the feces and turned her lower leg at the hip. After collapsing to the floors, she found that your woman could no longer stand. The lady was taken to the er where By rays says the neck of her femur was fractured. A bone check out revealed decreased bone mass in the neck and head regions of the injured femur, in other very long bones with the body and the backbone, suggestive of osteoporosis. Surgical treatment was needed to repair the femur, and a biopsy of the cuboid tissue revealed that the composition of the osteoid is normal. Curing of the crack is carrying on slowly.

1 ) Identify and describe the cells and functions with the cells of bone tissue.

2 . What age related alterations occur in those activities of the cuboid cells discovered in question #1.

3. What kind of bone can be found in the head of the femur? Which kind of bone predominates in the diaphysis of the femur?

4. Compare the two types of cuboid you classified by answer to problem number three or more.

5. Kind of of cuboid is mostly affected in osteoporosis?

6th. The radiologist reported indications of osteoporosis. Explain the characteristics of the osteoporotic femur as noticed on an Xray. (How can it differ in features from a regular femur? )

7. You aren't sure whether your cousin has Paget's disease (osteitis deformans)...


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