AP US Background Chapter 2

 AP ALL OF US History Section 2 Article

п»їChapter 2: The Invasion and Settlement of North America, 1550-1700

Rival Soberano Models: The country, France and Holland

The Spanish grabbed Mesoamerica and South America and converted many Indians to Catholicism. The Indians were forced to work as gold miners and farmers. The French and Dutch stores created fur-trading colonies with North American residents.

New Spain: Colonization and Change

1540s- Vasquez de Coronado discovered the Grand Gosier, the Poblado peoples in the Southwest, plus the Kansas grasslands. 1560s- Spain gives up platinum search to protect empire; set up a fort at St . Augustine (1565) which will became the first everlasting European pay out in the US

Franciscan Missions and Indian Revolts

Comprehensive Purchases for New Discoveries (1573)- pacification was left to missionaries; Franciscan friars attacked natives' culture by punishing people who still practiced polygamy and worshipped the traditional gods. Franciscans encouraged Indians to talk, prepare and gown like Spaniards. Indian workers=grow crops and carry those to market

1598- Juan de Onate and his guys destroyed the Pueblo people, murdering 800 men, women and children. 1610- Spanish delivered, founded Santa claus Fe, reestablished former missions and forced labor systems

Pope as well as the Uprising of 1680

Pere and his fans killed a lot more than 400 Spaniards and fled to El Paso. They also desecrated church buildings and rebuilt kivas, the structures they'd once worshipped. The Pueblos compromised with the Spaniards by simply speaking Spanish, accepting a patrilineal kinship system, and defending the Nuevo Mexico from Apaches and Comanches.

New Portugal: Fur Traders and Missionaries

New Portugal had small migration and few settlers to plantation the land so it produced as a fur-acquiring enterprise. 1681- La Assemblee travelled down the Mississippi River to Louisiana (named following King Louis XIV) trading furs on the way. 1718- Slot of New Orleans was founded

The Rise with the Iroquois

your five Nations in the Iroquois: Seneca, Cayuga, Onondagas, Oneidas, Mohawks The Iroquois people went to war with all the Hurons in 1649, the Neutrals in 1651, the Eries in 1657 plus the Susquehannocks in 1660.

The Jesuit Missions

The Jesuits were users of the World of Jesus, which was developed to contest the Protestant Reformation. 1690s- Jesuits adapted Christian beliefs towards the Indians'. The cult from the Virgin Mary was brought to young Illinois women emphasizing chastity, in which the Illinois ladies already recognized unmarried ladies as " masters of their own body. ”

New Netherland: Commerce

Since the Dutch struggled intended for independence via Spain and Portugal, they seized Costa da prata forts in Africa and Indonesia along with sugar plantations in Brazil. Because of this, the Dutch obtained control of the Atlantic control of glucose and slaves and the Indian Ocean commerce of East Indian spices and Chinese silks. The West India Company (chartered by the Dutch in 1621) founded Fresh Netherland and brought in farmers and artists in hopes to make the new nest thrive; yet , it failed. The Nederlander settlers fought against with their Algonquian neighbors, who have nearly destroyed the nest. England penetrated the New Netherland colony in 1664, when the Duke of York allowed Dutch residents to retain house, legal systems, and religious beliefs. Once the Dutch recaptured their colony for a short time in 1673, the English authorities shut down Dutch courts, enforced English rules, and required an oath of devotion.

The English Arrive in the Chesapeake

The The english language colonies in North America had been eventually changed into tobacco-growing economies dependent on indentured servant labor and slaves. Originally, these types of colonies had been expected to become trading outposts similar to those in India, Sierra Leone and The other agents.

Deciding the Tobacco Colonies

The English pay outs developed in numerous different ways because English nobles didn't control them. Personal ventures arranged by nobles ultimately failed....


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