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Chapter 3: Tort Law

Physical exercises

True or False?

1 .

The standard of proof pertaining to tort actions is over a balance of probabilities. (T)

2 .

A large number of actions that were originally torts have become accidents under provincial statutes. (T)


To prove that a defendant provides committed a tort, a plaintiff need to establish that the defendant's activities were the sole cause of the harm. (F)


A fiduciary responsibility is a great enhanced work of treatment that runs from a relationship of special trust. (T)

your five.

The burden of proving a tort protection, such as non-reflex assumption of risk, is usually on the plaintiff. (F)


The law analyzes professional carelessness according to the " reasonable professional" standard. (T)


A large right to privateness is constitutionally recognized in Canada. (F)

almost eight.

Defamation in writing is called slander. (F)

being unfaithful.

The tort of assault involves violent touching. (F)

10. The Negligence Action codified the common-law notion of contributory negligence into a lawful provision (T)

11. When a business are operating in a framework of uncommon risk while offering an activity to patrons, it can be required to go beyond the " normal” or perhaps " typical” safety types of procedures common for that kind of business. (T)

Multiple Choice

1 .

Contributory carelessness


implies that the individual was partly at fault intended for the harm he endured

Canadian Business Law, next Edition, Instructor's Guide

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installment payments on your




must be proven by defendant


can, if perhaps proven, limit the defendant's liability in tort


all of the previously mentioned

Remedies available for torts contain


penitentiary sentences and damages


specific efficiency and injunctions


injuries and injunctions


preventing orders and restitution

Pecuniary losses recoverable in a tort action range from


medical expenses


the cost of misplaced work period


the loss of future earnings because of a circumventing injury


all of the above

Negligence is established only when the plaintiff proves that the defendant could



the fact that plaintiff would purchase the defendant's goods


that the individual or somebody like her might be damaged or fees loss due to the defendant's actions


that the plaintiff or someone like her might be damaged or bear loss resulting from the defendant's actions, and that the full extent of the harm actually experienced by the individual was likewise reasonably not far off


A business can make an attempt to limit its liability in tort simply by


performing safety testing on products and services and documenting test outcomes


preserving retail and also other premises in good restoration and executing regular safety patrols

Canadian Business Legislation, 2nd Release, Instructor's Guideline

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stamping warnings upon products guidance of potential dangers


all of the over

To succeed in a defence based on fair comment, a defendant's comment need to a.

end up being based on a conclusion that is reasonably maintained evidence


not be motivated by malice


be on a matter of open public interest


all of the previously mentioned

To manage the risk of lawsuits depending on the law of nuisance, the very best strategy for businesses would be to


restrict access to harmful areas


conduct market research before developing new products


comply with all land work with laws, just like zoning bylaws, building requirements, and environmental laws



none of the above

To establish that the accused committed the tort of interference with economic relations, the individual must prove that


the defendant's business is a direct competitor of her personal and that the accused has attained an economic advantage over the individual by against the law means


the defendant intended to damage the litigant's business, the fact that defendant committed an illegal act to do this, and that the...


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