Alex Driver: Stormbreaker

 Alex Rider: Stormbreaker Essay

Alex Driver: Stormbreaker

1)I liked this guide. It was filled up with action and suspense. Nevertheless I didn't like how it was far-fetched. A 18 year old that knew many different types of karate, dialects, moves, many taught just like a spy from birth. Although other than that, I truly liked the book. I love how everything was in depth. 2)A. The main characters happen to be Alex Rider, Ian Driver (dead, but an important name), Yassen Gregorovich, and Herold Sayle. W. The setting of this book is Present day in London.

C. The Central Plot would be that the Stormbreaker Pcs have a Vial of smallpox gas. It comes out of the computers when the computer is definitely turned on.

3) Plot Pyramid

Ian Biker Dies

Alex meets guys from the lender

Ian's business office is raided

Alex see's the auto that Ian was driving a car when he died.

He finds out that the lender is really the " M16”

Alex becomes a spy

He goes through strong training for mission

Goes to Stormbreaker head office

Uses computer and snoops around the herb

Found and escorted back into his personal area, where Ian Rider rested Found a piece of paper with a drawing( will come in useful later) Alex hides in vans that go to pick up something at docks. Found out that Yassen is working together with Sayle Man dies intended for dropping a steel container

Goes to House

Alex almost gets killed by Yassen and Herold's men

Goes to library and gets publication

Finds out what the picture really designed

Goes right into a mine base

Stayed in water intended for 2 mins to get to the other side

Found invisalign where the vials were being placed into the computer Gets caught and tied up

Escapes and goes toward where the wedding is

Reaches Science Museum

Prime Minister shot

Sayle shot and disappeared

Alex stays at school and Jack port is allowed to stay in Greater london Sayle locates Alex and brings him to a best of a building

Helicopter flies away with no Alex

Story Ends

4)My favorite figure in this publication is Alex Rider. He's strong, snello, smart,...


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