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Reading one particular:

1 . To: " It seems like a attribute of classic families that men will be dominant. ”" She needed to obey the boys absolutely with no argument. ”" Children was required to obey the actual older people” M: " My mom began to work outside to support the family. ”" We had to share the housework the moment my mother was away. ”" My dad began to be worried about his kids and attempted to communicate with all of us. ”" Everyone plays an important role inside the family” installment payments on your




Where family members live

All together

Only parents and children live together

The role of men



The role of women

Maid stalwart

Can work outside the house

Attitude toward the elderly

Not any argument


Relationship between parents and children

Listen to elderly


3. Inside the traditional friends and family, women have no choice, the boys are major. Women only could stick to their buy with no against. I know anywhere that probably at country in china and tiawan. It's far away from city. Only man the actual decision. I believe, I good against this treatment, it's contrary to human nature. We all need freedom with no Sexism. 5. A family (from Latin: familia) is a population group affiliated by consanguinity (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage), or co-residence/shared consumption (see Nurture kinship).. Certainly, this description is satisfactory. For me, is my all, is a road Harbor around me. When I felt depression, family always produce a support.

Examining 2:

1 . T: " The family run the property and counted on it because of its living. If the traditional family members structure acquired broken down, every family unit would after that claim their share of land pertaining to itself. ” " Additionally, the traditional family also provides a stronger union and nearer relationship among family members, which is vital if they are to defend themselves against outside the house threats. ” M: " Nowadays, when individualism and equality are the most prevailing ideas in the world, people may find it very hard to adjust themselves to a classic family. ” " The means of production have improved so that the adaptable value from the traditional is no longer apparent. ” I believe the Kong's reasons are convincing, as it does in the real world. 2 . " This would be devastating as the land would be divided into this kind of small portions that none of the family members unit could survive simply because there would not be all you need to give food to them. ” This sentence is a complex sentence, and lots of good words and phrases to describe. several. I think the family patterns are the items of the lifestyle, because since the economy and living normal is improving, people's life-style was improved, so the friends and family patterns happen to be follow with a change. four. I agree, because each person's personality is exclusive, they will without doubt be turmoil on the ideas.

Studying 3:

1 . Two adjustments: people's attitude and behavior.

The author discusses them for paragraph 3.

It improvements their way of living, one of the first circumstances to change was the size of the family. Now it's an unclear relatives that only includes Dad, Mom, and their individual children. It was once a big family with Old man, Grandma, mommy, dad, all their brothers and sisters, and the children Another change is always to increase the rights of the nuclear family members. The women will go outdoors looking for a work. The children kept themselves and without supervision, believe they are totally free. The father feels less highly effective. 2 .


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Guessed Meaning

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Your decision maker

The divisor of your fraction



The total of handed down attributes

The biological method whereby genetic factors will be transmitted from one generation to another supervision



Managing by overseeing the performance or procedure of a person or group conservative



Resists change

Against liberal reconstructs


your five


An organization founded and united for a specific purpose

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