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Commercial cleaning

If you occur to decide on us for your commercial cleaning you'll be working together with one of the major and best-known cleaning corporations in the UK, with over twenty-five years' encounter working for a few of the biggest labels in the country. The commercial cleaning operations have us upon every High Street in the country, daily, so where ever you happen to be, we're previously your local cleaning company.

We all make sure everything works, straight away. We mobilize new agreements day in, day out, from your small and simple to the large and complex – like the fresh contract which has a nationwide lender branch network which all of us mobilised within a few weeks.

Each of our cleaning office buildings range from Plymouth to Aberdeen giving you unmatched national protection if you need it. We can clean Monday to Friday, or perhaps 24/7, 365 days a year if that's what you need. And you receive 24-hour usage of our Bristol-based helpdesk as well.

We're happy with our reputation introducing new technology and more useful ways of operating, just as we're proud of nice we've earned for undertaking that, which includes four annual Gold ROSPA awards.


MITIE Cleaning and Environmental ServicesВ

one particular Harlequin Workplace Park, FieldfareВ

Emersons GreenВ


BS16 7FN

Big t: +44 (0)117 322 1218В

E: clean. [email protected] com

Working with MITIE

When you're buying a job, it's really important that you choose a company that's right for you. Some of that is certainly about the size of the work, yet a big a part of your decision will be based on the provider's culture: that they do business, not only what they do.

At the time you join MITIE, you sign up for a company that is pioneering a few exciting changes in our industry, and offers doubled in proportions in the last five years. The key to that accomplishment is -- and always has become - each of our people. Wish passionate about making certain everyone who also works in this article fulfills their potential, and we'll go out of our approach to help you do this. You really might be...


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