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J. D. Salinger

J. M. Salinger died on January 27th of 2010 in 91 years old. The author arises on the

50s when he had written The Catcher in the Rye a book which includes marked a generation of

children ever since, his success continues to be due to his shorter testimonies that shared about

religious and philosophical territory and that is what he was good at. Having been born in

January 1st of 1919 in New York meaning success found him in a young grow older and was

recognized as probably the most influential authors of the 20th century. Having been the most youthful

of two children of Sol Salinger, the child of a rabbi that was involved in the pig and

cheese importing business that is certainly kind of an irony since neither cheese or pork are

kosher, nevertheless his mom Miriam had an non-Jewish background he would not know about

till his Bar Mitzvah if he learned about her mother. He wasn't extremely good at university

and as a result of his flunk at a school in the Fresh York's Top West Side he was delivered

into a military school. After graduation he returned to his hometown to attend to the

Ny University ahead of traveling to Europe. On his trip to Vienna provided by his

to improve one other language and find out about organization but this individual concentrated around the

vocabulary, at this one university Ursinus College in Pennsylvania Salinger met a professor

called Whit Burnett and he changed his life nourishing his skill for publishing short stories

and getting those to be with the professors magazine but big name guides too.

Following finding take pleasure in twice this individual got the divorce and then stopping Joyce Maynard of his home.

In 2000 his daughter Margaret wrote a poor side of his dad that got mixed testimonials.

He wedded Colleen O'Neill until his death in January 27th, 2010. In 2013 a biography of

the writer entitled Salinger.

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